The Life Of Spartan Women Was Not Less Than Hell

Saurabh Adhane

The world knows how good warriors Spartans were. Spartans is an old civilization in the world. Many people boast about spartan uniqueness and their war tactics. their brave stories are popular worldwide. Many write on their blog, how free and happy spartan women were. but it’s not true.
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The spartan state was no paradise for women. It is true they have more freedom than other states. But the life of spartan women was not easy. If I compare the life of the spartan women with the same Athens women, Athens women were more happy and satisfied.

Spartans had 3 social groups. The first one was army soldiers and politicians. The second is farmers and businessman. And the third one is enslaved people of conquered part by spartan people.

These people called helots. These people were more in number than Spartans. They were slave ruled by Spartans. The conditions of helots women were worst than hell. They were over laboured. Having no enough food. No shelter and raped repeatedly. These women used by Spartans for entertainment and doing labour tasks. They didn't allow to participate in a political meeting. These women couldn’t take military training.

Surviving in ancient Sparta is difficult for helots women. With no proper treatment in social structure and immense torture, they were always fearful about death and starvation.

Restrictions on Spartan women

Women in the spartan era had no political freedom to participate in government. They were not allowed to attend meetings. They had no freedom to define their own political opinions.

Also, spartan women had seen as the property of men. Women were bound to follow men’s order at home and in public places. their husbands can restrict their moment and control their actions.

Spartan women were forced to do physical exercise to fight at the battle. They were trained by the spartan military. Some of them died due to harsh training and fighting competition between them. Not all women wanted to become a warrior. But there were no choices for spartan women. This compulsory training with housework made their life difficult.

Marriage system during the spartan time

Marriages during the spartan time were mostly arranged. When a girl becomes young she can freely married with spartan soldiers having age above 30 years. Marriage was seen as to breed more children. Not having children were considered shameful in spartan society. Men can loan out their wives for money and to bear children to other men. The wife’s consent was not taken into account during this process.

Spartan women can own lands like men. Most of the decisions were taken by men in ancient Sparta. It was not a big thing in the ancient world. Women were seen as more like possessions than like humans.

life of all classes of women in spartan society was the same. there was much less difference which we can tell. Women have restrictions in education, speaking freedom and expression. Military societies weren’t good at treating women in a good manner. 

Historians always praise spartan for their bravery and free society but they forgot to tell bout women lives. Women freedom defines the greatness of culture where spartan had failed miserably.


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