5 Signs Which Show Your Self Improvement Journey Is On a Wrong Way

Saurabh Adhane

The self-improvement industry is on the boom. According to grand new research, the global personal development market size was valued at USD 38.28 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% from 2020 to 2027.

Self-improvement can turn down towards the wrong side. You become bored with repetitive actions or no longer relate to a friend or family members. If self-development goes wrong, it can damage your health and waste your time. If discipline is not making you happy, then it’s time to stop and think.

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You wake up early in the morning

If you’re desperate to get into the 5 a.m. club, with cutting down sleeping time, then you’re wrong. Waking up early in the morning, don’t make you more productive.

If you’re sleeping less to wake up early in the morning, then you’re inviting health problems. Chronic sleep deprivation causes heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes.

Other potential problems related to sleep deprivation are,

  1. Dark circles around eyes
  2. More stress due to increase in stress Hormone
  3. More wrinkles on the skin

I’m not against waking up early, instead, I am more focused on getting at least 8 hours of good sleep. It helps you to remain more energetic during day time.

Your body sets a biological clock that helps you to sleep for a particular period. I use the time block technique to increase my sleep quality. It starts from 12 am to 8 am. After following sleeping routine for 30 days, I got benefits from it like,

  1. It helped in weight loss
  2. Increase in immunity
  3. reduction in anxiety and improvement in mood
  4. Helped in making good decisions

Good sleep gives me energy and reboots my brain and body. It’s just like rebooting a phone for better software performance. You need to sleep 8 hours if you won't feel better all-time in a day.

You’re Reading a lot of books

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3 years ago, when I was at the lowest point in my life, I started reading books. I thought, reading books would change me. After reading books for three-four months, I was the same person. I didn’t notice any change.

Reading self-improvement books won’t make you a better person. I see many of us boast about reading 52 books per year, and dream to change life at 365 degrees.

It never gonna happen, unless, we implement lessons learnt while reading. Everyone knows, sugar is bad for health, but we still keep eating.

Books don’t teach us self-control. It’s like building muscle. We develop it by practice. Rather than reading more books, it’s always better to implement one book in life. I am doing it; it has changed me drastically. I live a better life than I was living 3 years ago.

You’re thinking about everything

Everyone has this problem. Now, it’s time to admit it. We think too much. It’s free. We travel to the future, past and blow up a present.

Our brain generates 60k thoughts per day. We think subconsciously. Most of them are about our unpleasant experience. In the end, They left us guilty and angry.

Mindfulness is key to avoid intrusive thoughts. I have started practising mindfulness. It’s about focusing on what’s going on around us. Mindfulness helps you to become free. It helps you to forgive others. Mindfulness has increased my productivity. I started enjoying small events in my life like drinking tea and listening to songs during chilly mornings.

Don’t think too much. Observe your thoughts and they’ll disappear. Being a calm person, sitting on an ice cube is always a better option. In the end, no one is perfect.

You’re saving for rainy days

Money lost its value, as time pass. Inflation is on the rise, and saving money in a bank account is not a better option. When I started earning money, I used to save in the bank as a fixed deposit. But, as time passed I realized, that instead of saving, investing can be a better option for me. I listed out options like,

  1. Investing in shares
  2. Mutual funds
  3. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  4. Gold

All these options helped me to diversify my portfolio. I’m doing more than savings. Now, money works for me.

It’s always better to have a good investment plan. Capitalism always looks to take away our hard-earned money. You can start investing today, with a small amount and it’ll grow exponentially. Investment is a habit. Start putting money out rather than saving for rainy days.

You Value materialistic possessions rather than experience

How many days you’ll be happy after purchasing a brand new iPhone. Having a big car, house and money in a bank account won’t make you happy, but experiences like, solo trip, a romantic moment with your partner, make you more satisfied.

When you value experience over time, you get long-term satisfaction. If you buy iPhone 12 and become happy, iPhone 13 is waiting for you, either you buy it, or your happiness is faded away.

When it comes to experience, it lives with us live long. You can use your money and time to experience moments rather than buying materialistic possessions.

When you’re not making progress with disciplined life, then you should try to find a bug in the process. Below, are 4 ways to stop your self-improvement journey in the wrong way,

  1. You woke up early, without taking enough sleep.
  2. You read a lot of book without taking lessons from them.
  3. You’ve overthinking the issue. You’re not focusing on the present movement.
  4. You’re saving money, but not investing them for higher returns.
  5. You value materialistic possessions than life experiences.

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