Flight attendant shares crucial safety tips for staying in hotel rooms


Flight attendants are perhaps the most knowledgeable people to ask for information on traveling and staying in hotels. Most spend more than half of the year on the road or in the air, staying in new hotels in different locations around the world.

In this age of social media, finding safety tips about travelling has been fairly easy from the experienced individuals. A flight attendant on TikTok has recently gone viral with one of her videos about safety in hotels. The popular video where she provides her key suggestions on how to know if your hotel room is safe and how to keep it that way, has over 7 million views on TikTok.

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Here are her top recommendations for folks who are traveling and staying in hotels:

  • Before entering the room, keep the door open and inspect the closets, shower, and behind the curtains.
  • She recommends checking the hotel room phone after inspecting the hidden areas in the hotel room.
  • Lock the hotel room door and double-check it then make sure that the peephole on the door is covered. You can cover the peephole with tissue paper so that those outside cannot look into the room.
  • When you've locked your room from the inside, use the side lock to provide an extra layer of security. She also suggests passing a washcloth through the bar on the side lock before closing it to prevent someone from disengaging the lock from the outside.
  • Place your backpack or suitcase in front of the locked door. This will effectively prevent someone from using a hanger or wire to unlock anything from the outside. It also has the noise element for further security.
  • As you leave the room, leave the TV on with the volume slightly raised.
  • It's also crucial to know where all of the hotel's fire exits are. Tape the map of fire exits on the back of the room door.

Source: CiCi in the Sky

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