A letter from an 11-year-old girl from 1969 that predicted the future


In 1969, an 11-year-old girl wrote a rather whimsical letter about the future, and it was eerily accurate. The girl predicts, among other things, the invention of Zoom calls and Facetime. The letter, dated February 23, 1969, appears to have been written by an 11-year-old girl who imagines what the world would be like in 1980. Some of the predictions center on technological advancements, particularly video calling.

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With the widespread use of Zoom and FaceTime, the girl's predictions about video calling have become a reality. It's amazing to think that an 11-year-old could have predicted such technological advances nearly five decades ago. She also describes a future conversation she will have with her husband after he gets home from work.

The letter begins with,

“The year is 1980, the time is half-past moon dust. Here I am twenty-one years of age, sitting in a cushion of air. I remember when I was 11 years old and I was at school, things have changed since then. For instance, the television has changed. In 1969 it was a square box with knobs in front of it. Now it is a big screen with knobs on your chair arm to switch it on and off."
"In 1969, the telephone was a square box thing with a receiver on top of it. But now it is still a receiver, but you can see the people you are talking to, for there is a screen where you can see them. It is a bit like a television."

She says in times past she would have “prepared tea” ready for her husband to come home and says

“All we have is a piece of chewing gum to eat. You may think that we have not enough to eat but you are wrong, because this piece of chewing gum is food. You chew this gum and you can feel the food going down. You can also taste it. There is no messy washing-up to do afterwards.”

She imagines that their house's doors are electrically controlled by push buttons. She concludes her letter by saying,

“Really when I think back over those ten years, things have changed tremendously.”

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