Charlie Chaplin was a womanizer having an obsession with young girls


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After breaking up with yet another of his young model girlfriends as she purportedly turned 25, Leonardo DiCaprio has turned into a meme on social media. However, there were very few criticisms of the celebrities who did what they did in an era before the internet and social media. Charlie Chaplin, a British actor, and filmmaker who is most known for his slapstick comedies has a history of problematic behavior and actions that, by modern standards at least, would constitute a serious offense.

He constantly bragged about his accomplishments and eventually admitted to having slept with more than 2,000 women. What did everyone notice about him? Of course, it helped that by his mid-20s, he had become the most recognizable guy in the world thanks to his incredibly successful films.

His head was a little too big for his lean and delicate body because he was short (between 5ft 4in and 5ft 612in). However, Chaplin was seen by the majority as attractive because of his piercing blue eyes, wavy coal-black hair, ivory-colored complexion, and straight white teeth. He frequently abandoned and used his lovers at will. In response to Vanity Fair's query about his ideal woman in 1926, he said, "‘I am not exactly in love with her, but she is entirely in love with me."
Publicity photo from Charlie Chaplin's 1921 movie "The Kid"Unknown on Wikimedia Commons

Chaplin didn't state it outright at the time, but his ideal women were younger than he was. When Chaplin was 25, he began his first well-known relationship with his 19-year-old co-star Edna Purviance.

She appeared to have been equally undemanding and unpretentious, and she handled his anxieties and erratic moods with ease. They even thought about getting married for a while, but they held back. A year later, their personal relationship fell apart, primarily due to his fierce work ethic.

Chaplin met Mildred Harris, a 16-year-old child actress, four years later, when he was 29 years old. Chaplin sent her flowers nonstop and waited for her outside the studio where she worked because he was completely smitten with her. Soon after meeting, the two fell in love, married, miscarried, and separated.

Chaplin started dating 15-year-old child actress Lita Grey soon after his divorce. He had actually first met her when she was just six years old and had cast her in The Kid (1921) when she was 13. Chaplin casually told Lita that "when the time and place are suitable, we're going to make love" while filming in the Sierra Nevada. A few weeks later, in the steam room of his Beverly Hills mansion, he got his desire.

Lita, who was still a teenager, fell pregnant in 1925. Gray declined to have an abortion despite Chaplin's requests. Their brief marriage resulted in the birth of two sons but ended in divorce in 1927.

He immediately developed feelings for Paulette Goddard, another charming young actress. He was 40 years old, and she was 22. Although it was later found that she had actually told him she was 17 when they first met. After taking a trip to Asia together, they got married in 1936. Although Pauline and Chaplin were married until 1942, their relationship ultimately failed. They separated that year.

Chaplin appeared to have reached the end of his romantic life at that point because he was in his fifties. But when Chaplin was 54 years old, he met Oona O'Neill, the 18-year-old daughter of American author Eugene O'Neill.

The couple wed, had eight kids together, and enjoyed a long, happy life. Despite the fact that she was 36 years younger than he was, Chaplin seemed to have finally met his true love.

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