The best time to plant trees & flowers in Los Angeles County, CA


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Planting trees and bushes around your property is an excellent method to enhance the appearance of your house, raise its value, and add curb appeal. However, in a place like Los Angeles County, which has exceptionally dry summers and rainy winters, determining the optimal time to plant may appear to be a guessing game.

According to University of California research, March is the month when most gardeners finally venture out into the garden as spring weather tempts them outside and the threat of frost diminishes. Most gardeners have been out for several weeks by April, but any time in April is a good time to start integrating soil amendments, sowing seeds, and transplanting.

May is an excellent month for planting heat-lovers, which are vegetables and flowers that tend to grow and blossom more profusely when the weather is hot and sunny. Plants settle in and grow quickly in May and June due to the high air temperatures and warm soil. Summer's heat has arrived by July and August, and residents are busy watering and harvesting crops. While last sowings of summer-maturing crops can be made at this time, it is now time to start seeds of cool-season crops at the end of July and August.

Furthermore, knowing your planting zone in California can assist you in creating a more beautiful garden. Because California's climatic zones cover such a wide range of temperatures, understanding the planting zone helps you to select the best trees and shrubs to plant while also being aware of how time may affect whether your plants survive the winter months.

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