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Los Angeles County, and particularly the city of Los Angeles, has often found itself at the top of lists it does not want to be on, one of which is for being one of the dirtiest areas in the United States. Numerous factors including a rising population can lead to the increase in pollution of a place, and as Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States, it suffers greatly from the problem of being polluted.

Keeping all of this in mind, Los Angeles County officials have proposed a slew of initiatives for citizens to help keep their neighborhoods clean and "save the planet". These programs have been created exclusively for residents to help the city tackle the problem of topping the list of being one of the dirtiest in the United States.

The Los Angeles Public Works Department emphasizes adhering to the motto "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink". They have launched a Countywide Smart Gardening Program to teach residents how to minimize and recycle organic waste while also improving their lawns and garden. You may also learn about composting, water-wise gardening, organic gardening, and small-space gardening by attending a free webinar or workshop.

The regulation passed by Los Angeles County in early 2021 made it illegal for a food establishment to provide single-use foodware accessories to consumers unless they specifically request them. It allows a food facility to supply customers with single-use food accessories upon their request and to ask consumers whether they want to receive any single-use foodware accessories.

Stores in unincorporated Los Angeles County are no longer permitted to supply single-use plastic carryout bags. Construction, demolition, and/or grading projects that require a permit must recycle at least 50% of the waste created. The Los Angeles County Materials Exchange is a free Countywide material reuse program that can assist you in locating markets for surplus materials and other useful discards.

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