3 of the best Kebab restaurants in Los Angeles County, CA


Los Angeles County is rich in cultural variety, which adds nuance to the availability of the many sorts of culinary cultures that come with a diversified population. Since Los Angeles County has a large population from nations with kebab-rich traditions, such as Armenia and Iran, skewered meats are naturally a specialty across the county. You will find them on nearly every block in areas like Glendale, which is home to Los Angeles' significant Armenian community.

In this article, we will look at three of the best Kebab restaurants in Los Angeles County, CA.

Taste of Tehran

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Taste of Tehran is located at 1915 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States. It focuses on authentic Iranian Persian food. There are several alternatives for vegetarians, gluten-free people, and meat-eaters. As per the official website, except for the chicken, all of the cuisines are prepared fresh every day, and all of our meats are 100 percent halal.

The restaurant was founded in 2014, it specializes in off-site catering for any event, including weddings, work gatherings, and major corporate events, and you can also order food for pick-up to enjoy with your friends and family.

All of the kabobs at this modest order-at-the-counter eatery are marinated to perfection. They're juicy and soft, but the shredded onion inside gives them a slight snap every time you bite into one. At the restaurant, you can order boneless chicken kabob, lamb kabob, shish kabob, filet mignon shish kabob, salmon kabob, shish kabob Soltani, and much more.

Armenian Lunch Truck

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Armenian Lunch Truck is located at 12811 Sherman Way North Hollywood, CA 91605. The meaty menu of Armenian Lunch Truck delivers a delicious punch to your stomach. The Kirakosyans debuted their concept in late 2019 on Sherman Way in front of Royal Fresh Supermarket, which is a high-traffic area. Their bright vehicle is painted in the colors of the Armenian flag (red, orange, and blue), and the family sets up a charcoal BBQ on the pavement.

The Armenian Lunch Truck offers delicious shwarma, and the bustle spills out onto the pavement, where chefs tend to a nearby charcoal grill. Beef lule (ground meat), marinated pork ribs, and iki bir (cubed belly meat) are all notable for their lusciousness and smokiness. Rice, Armenian salad, tzatziki (yogurt folded with chopped cucumber), spicy tomato sauce, and grilled tomato and jalapeno are all included on the plates.

Malek's Grill & Kabob

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Malek's Grill & Kabob is located at 20050 Vanowen St J, Winnetka, CA 91306, USA. It is a long-running establishment that serves kebabs and other Persian cuisines. Malek Simani, a native of Tehran, Iran, founded this strip mall eatery near Pierce College 25 years ago.

On an open-flame gas barbecue, they cook stainless steel skewers. They usually provide an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Hummus, salad, pita, grilled tomato and jalapeño, and saffron-stained basmati rice are served on plates. You may even spend an additional $2 for tart barberry rice.

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Taste of Tehran

Armenian Lunch Truck

Malek's Grill & Kabob

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