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A Guaranteed Income program can give households financial security amid significant economic fluctuations, allowing them to breathe a bit easier, relieve stress, and extend beneficiaries' perspectives, providing them the time to complete postponed education and job training, as well as plans to fully engage in their communities.

Keeping this in mind, the County of Los Angeles has launched a guaranteed income program designed to assist citizens during difficult times. The initiative, dubbed "Breathe: LA County's Guaranteed Income Program", would provide $1,000 per month to 1,000 randomly selected qualified people for three years.

Other guaranteed income systems have been shown to break long-standing patterns of poverty and economic unfairness by allowing participants to choose the budgeting methods that would best benefit themselves and their families. This Program aims to rectify the economical imbalances for 1,000 inhabitants in chosen low-income regions, giving them financial breathing room.

To apply for the Guaranteed Income program, you must meet the program's eligibility requirements. You must be 18 years of age or older and not presently enrolled in any Guaranteed Income program offered by the County, a city, or another public or private institution. The requirements also vary depending on the number of members in your household and some other factors.

Similar initiatives have discovered that beneficiaries utilize the money to pay bills, attend school, and care for the well-being of their families. Residents who want to apply may find additional information at Breathe - Los Angeles County, which includes a map that can assist them assess whether they reside in an eligible community. The enrollment season begined on March 31, and the application deadline is April 13.

The County has partnered with a non-profit community-based organization, Strength-Based Community Change (SBCC), to serve as the program administrator for Breathe. If you are chosen, SBCC will contact you personally and you will get monthly payouts through debit cards.

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