Newsom's approval ratings plummet due to Crime & Homelessness in Los Angeles County, CA


Disclaimer: The author does not claim to be an expert in the field, but the article is based on credible sources.

According to a new study from UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies, homelessness and crime in Los Angeles County and California as a whole might be a headache for Democrats in the 2022 elections.

According to the study, dissatisfaction with Newsom's job performance is growing among important voting blocs including Democrats, strong liberals, moderates, Los Angeles County voters, Latinos, and Asian Americans.

Voters also gave Gov. Gavin Newsom poor scores for managing 8 of the state's 10 major issues, with 66 percent ranking his reaction to homelessness as "poor" or "extremely poor," and 51 percent evaluating his approach to crime and public safety in the same manner.

78 percent of registered voters said crime has grown in the last year, and 65 percent said it has become worse in their communities. California is perceived to be on the wrong track by 54 percent, a 9-point rise from May 2021.

Similarly, substantial majorities say that crime is rising in their particular neighborhood as well as in the state as a whole. Furthermore, residents support amending the 2014 voter-approved ballot initiative that decreased penalties for some types of property offenses, such as stealing things worth less than $950, from potential felonies to misdemeanors.

Only 48 percent of registered voters approve where 16 percent approve strongly while 32 percent approve somewhat of his overall performance as governor, while 47 percent disapprove. This is a significant spike in criticism from September 2021, when 50 percent approved of the governor and 42 percent opposed and Newsom easily beat an attempt to recall him from office.

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UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies

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