This is why you should be extremely vigilant during Coyote mating season in Los Angeles County, CA

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Coyotes can be found all across California, including Los Angeles County. According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the population ranges between 250,000 to 750,000 animals. The voice of a Coyote is quite unmistakable, consisting of varied howls, high-pitched yaps, and occasional dog-like barks. Coyotes can be found all across California, including Los Angeles County.

Wildlife authorities around the County are warning people to keep their pets safe during coyote mating season, which runs from January to March. Males are very brazen and aggressive during this time. They are also less frightened to enter densely crowded areas and harm your pets.

According to Los Angeles County Animal Control, Coyotes primarily reproduce in California during the months of January, February, and March. The breeding season is around 60-63 days and each year, coyotes have one litter. Puppies are born in March and May, with litter sizes averaging 5-6 pups. Coyote strikes, which are generally rare, increase during the mating season because coyotes might target smaller dogs and cats, whom coyotes see as potential competitors or predators of their own offspring.

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When you spot a coyote in the wild, most of the time if you make yourself huge by waving or screaming, they will retreat. The easy availability of food, water, and shelter attracts coyotes to urban/suburban environments. Reducing or eliminating the availability of these factors frequently prompts coyotes to migrate.

Do not leave your pets unattended, bring them inside at night, and do not leave pet food or water outside. Keep dogs on short, non-retractable leashes when out walking, and avoid walking towards the edge of brushy regions.

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Reference: Los Angeles County Animal Control

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