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This city in Los Angeles County is the second highest rat-infested city in US


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Los Angeles County is home to some of the top cities in the United States, if not the entire world. Almost all of these cities have adequate urban planning and measures intended by local authorities to keep the city clean, but despite all of these efforts, the cities are still a concrete jungle and it is virtually impossible to keep the cities safe and clean from things like rats.

Some of the largest and richest cities in the United States have secured a top ranking in being rat infested again. The top three rankings are shared by Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City respectively. In this article, we will discuss rat infestation in the city of Los Angeles and the reasons.

The city of Los Angeles is located in Southern California spread in about 469 square miles making it the second-largest city in the United States of America. It is the national hub for Film and Television Industry and boasts the third-highest GDP of $789.7 billion among the cities in the world according to the World Population Review.

Orkin Pest Control Service, after taking into account the number of residential and commercial rodent treatments completed, produced a list in which Los Angeles is the second most rat-infested city in the United States of America.

According to Orkin, one of the major causes of the increased rat infestation is the closure of restaurants owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has forced rodents to migrate to residential areas in search of food and shelter. So it's either your house or the restaurants where you dine.

“Rodents are experts at sniffing out food and shelter, and they’re resilient in their ways to obtain both, Residential properties offer the ideal habitat for rodents, and once they’ve settled in, they’re capable of reproducing rapidly and in large quantities.” said Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel.

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