3 of the most dangerous risks of living in Los Angeles County, CA


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West view of Pacific Ocean from Venice Beach, LA.Photo by Mat Weller on Unsplash

Los Angeles County is a place full of glamour, art, beaches, and other things that are rarely found together anywhere else in the world. The pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes attract visitors from all over the world, who come to be amazed while enjoying one of the most diverse cuisine experiences. Many people across the country and the world desire to live in the county and even those who criticize are mostly unable to find a replacement that can provide a similar thrill and excitement that Los Angeles County does.

Despite being nearly perfect in its own way, life in Los Angeles County has its own set of drawbacks, many of which are far more severe than you might believe. In this article, we will look at three of those drawbacks, which frequently outweigh the benefits of living in Los Angeles County.

Storm Water Pollution

Despite the fact that Los Angeles County, particularly the city of Los Angeles, has a remarkably low number of storms per year, the storms cause massive damages in the area. These damages result in several kinds of pollution one of them includes Storm water pollution, which occurs when waste combines with rainfall, resulting in a toxic mix that flows untreated into waterways such as rivers and streams, trashing thousands of homes. It contains trash such as cigarette butts, pet waste, trash, pesticides, motor oil, and industrial waste that has been dumped on the ground or dumped directly into storm drains.

Storm water pollution contaminates surface waters in nearby lakes, creeks, and rivers, resulting in filthy living conditions. During and after a rainstorm, it poses a public health concern to Los Angeles County inhabitants. To minimize the risk of infection, it is recommended that you avoid contact with water and that you keep your pets away from it for at least three days.

Forest Fires

Forest fires, unlike storms and tornadoes, are a regular phenomenon in Los Angeles County every year during the wildfire season. Every year, dozens of neighborhoods are destroyed by forest fires in Los Angeles County, it requires nothing more than a single spark to spread rapidly throughout the region.

Every year, wildfires in Los Angeles County cause hazy red skies during the season, and flames are becoming more intense as a result of climate change. Climate change intensifies wildfires by drying out vegetation and increasing the heat and volatility of the blazes.

Rancho Palos Verdes, Calabasas, La Canada Flintridge, Palos Verdes Estates, and Malibu are among the extremely fire-prone areas of Los Angeles County. Wildfires treat everyone without any discrimination, from expensive gated communities to remote logging villages, which is why you should constantly be on the lookout for wildfires during the season and evacuate your home as soon as possible.


Los Angeles County experiences thousands of earthquakes every year. Even though the majority of earthquakes are non-destructive, scientists warn that a dangerous type of earthquake is not far off. Los Angeles County earthquakes are triggered by the movement of two massive chunks of the earth's crust, the Pacific and North American plates.

No matter how many times you've felt an earthquake, it will always be unpleasant, to say the least. Many residents in Los Angeles County experience shaking from earthquakes a couple of times a year, most of which are mild or moderate and cause minimal damage. However, every few years, a quake of magnitude 6.0 or greater is expected to strike somewhere in Southern California.

Based on a 30-year timeframe beginning in 2014, the United States Geographical Survey (USGS) predicts that one or more earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or larger will strike Los Angeles County with a 75% likelihood.

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