3 of the most haunted roads in Los Angeles County, CA


The world is filled with some unexplainable happenings which are more often than not dubbed as Supernatural Events. This has not gone unnoticed in Los Angeles County, California either. In this article, we will look at three of the most haunted roads in Los Angeles County, California.


Colorado Street BridgeBy cmglee on wikimedia

One of the most haunted bridges in Los Angeles and the United States of America is the Colorado Street Bridge. In the early twentieth century, it was dubbed the Suicide Bridge as numbers of suicides were committed by jumping from it.

It was constructed and completed in 1912, and first opened in December of the year 1913. During the construction of the bridge, a construction worker fell to his death and landed in the wet cement beneath the bridge. The first suicide happened in 1919, and the bridge has since become a suicide hotspot.

As per Timeout, People have seen a man leaping off a rail, but when they go to help, no one’s there. There’s also a woman seen crossing the bridge, cars swerving to miss her, but then she vanishes.

According to Wikipedia, The number of deaths increased during the Great Depression, but the deaths did not stop there. One of the most well-known stories included a mother and her child. The mother took her child and herself to the bridge one night, preparing to take her own life. She flung her baby first, then leaped, and died instantly. The child survived since it landed uninjured in a tree, but the mother was able to successfully end her life.

The bridge is frequently featured in popular culture. It was recently featured in La La Land when the lead pair of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone take a romantic stroll across the bridge. It was also featured in feat factor, full house, and Charlie Chaplin's The Kid which was reportedly filmed in 1919.


Cobb Estate/Haunted ForestSandi Hemmerlein/Atlas Obscura

It's a trailhead to hikers and Haunted Forests to Ghost Hunters. At first Cobb Estate was not considered haunted at all when the Marx Brothers bought the property and temporarily preserved the old home from demolition.

The reports of weird noises and spooky lights at the now-vacant property began to swirl among the townspeople when the Marx Brothers purchased the estate in 1956. After sometime, Marx brothers had the old house demolished in 1959, and the area sat vacant until 1971.

It was also perceived that this all was doing of some teenagers who used to use the house for their overnight gatherings. However, the place is still considered haunted, and curious teenagers may be found all throughout the woodland and property.


816 N Linden Dr Beverly Hills, California, 90210Harry Valentine/Atlas Obscura

Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle is located at 816 N Linden Dr Beverly Hills, California, 90210. This is one of the many wierd intersections of Beverly Hills, but this isn't just a wierd intersection but a mysterious one too. This intersection has had enough strange incidents to warrant the label of being Spooky.

A plane piloted by Howard Hughes collided with a row of residences and came to rest at 808 N Whittier in 1946. The following year, In 1947, Bugsy Siegel was assassinated at 801 N Linden, while Jan Berry was nearly killed in a real-life Dead Man's Curve (also the name of his hit song at the time) accident in 1966, resulting in a months-long coma.

The most recent addition to the "accidents" because of this sinister intersection happened in 2010 when a Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen was shot in her vehicle near Sunset and Whittier.

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