Vaccinated Doctor Catches Coronavirus


Dr. Eugene Choi, a Los-Angeles based radiologist got his second dose of pfizer vaccine 6 months ago but now he is infected with Covid-19 and is in quarantine.
Dr. Eugene Choi taking pfizer VaccineDr. Eugene Choi
"Even when I think about it today, it's crazy,I can't believe I have COVID." Dr. Choi said in his interview with Fox news.

Like most people, Dr. Choi was confident that he would not catch COVID-19 and started living his life normally given that he had taken both the doses of the vaccine. He also had his wife vaccinated and she also tested positive in a similar fashion i.e., months after getting the second dose of the pfizer vaccine.

When he got tested positive he thought it was a mistake but when his wife also got tested positive he realized that it was not a fluke.
Dr. Eugene Choi with his WifeDr. Eugene Choi
"It was very surprising that I got it and got sick from it, But on top of that, I gave it to her and she also got sick from it. So this is not a fluke," said Dr. Choi.

The positive test results of Covid left Dr. Choi puzzled and he started wondering if Vaccine is even effective against the disease.

These cases where a person gets infected by Covid-19 even after being vaccinated are defined as breakthrough cases and It is extremely rare to catch Covid after getting fully vaccinated.

According to Los Angeles county Public Health, at least 930 people have reported breakthrough cases and these cases represent the 0.03% of all the vaccinated county residents. But Dr. Choi feels that breakthrough cases could rise exponentially in upcoming weeks.

"Next week, Los Angeles is going to open, so there will probably be less masking, less social distancing, Probably more people that are fully vaccinated will get sick, and this may become a bigger, bigger problem down the line." said Dr. Choi

But even after getting infected and staying in quarantine, Dr. Choi is still optimistic about the Vaccine, and he insists that people should take Vaccine, he only hopes to make people aware of the breakthrough cases.

"I think about had I not gotten the vaccine, how much worse my symptoms would have been, It works for the majority of the population, On the basis of data, most people won't get sick. But it's still possible." Said Eugene

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