9 Bad Habits to Say Them Good-Bye Today

Sarmad Mayo

Failure has been an ingredient of every life story of a successful person. The one who adds courage to this life converts the failures into success while the others give up when they face failures.


I have failed in my projects a number of times and had never given up. What I usually do is look for another way to get the success key. Things would definitely be difficult and hard to manage on time. Don’t Compromise over your career that is the most thoughtful lesson I have ever learned from giving time to everyone to please them.

Devoting your energy to your work and passion can help you to reach your destiny. Things that make barriers in your life that lead you astray from your goals will destroy your time and money,

There are some social problems that are the first hurdles in your life, you must have to restrict them from your way.

Don’t Try to Please everyone

It’s not your job to please everyone. Give your life more important. Self-love will boost up your courage to prioritize yourself over others. One of my mentors usually quotes as

You are the CEO of your life,

This literally means that you are the only person who can change your lifestyle and make you a successful person. No Karma can come to make you successful In your life.

Fearing Change

This is a most repeating phrase that strikes my mind as well. This phrase relates to the fear of failure. When you dare to plunge into success, you should forget the fear of failure from your mind. Getting the knowledge about what you are going to do is most important.

If someone can do a job that you are thinking over it to start over it. Then you can also do it using the proper resources and knowledge about it.

Living in the past

Most people when facing the mouth of failure, aren’t able to get out of their past. They just keep lying on the bed and contemplating their past, this is the most alarming activity for teenagers because this can lead to attempting suicide.

Forgetting the past and learn fruitful lessons from the activity that happened with you in the past and keep moving forward.


This activity can eat your brain and you will get mad over there. The overthinking makes your brain a heck of confused and double-minded. It is hard to make decisions with a tired brain. Excessive worrying makes causes your mind to have various side effects on your body.

Overthinking and worrying too much leads to your heartbeat fast, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, muscle ache, irritation, rapid breathing, and shortness of breath disorders

You have no purpose

Thinking about your life has no purpose at all. Do things that make you proud. Pessimist thoughts would no longer help you to grow in your career as well as your personality.

Target your goals and make promises to achieve them. Thoughts that be like you have no purpose in your life at all will lead you to a sense of inferiority and depression.

Take time to research your talent and passion and start working on it. This will take you out of time and space. Following your passion is the perfect remedy to knowing what you are interested in.

Life is a step-wise journey, It takes time to grow and build your career. You should be passionate to grow with time

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