How About Visiting The Magnificence Of Europe Without Even Going There?

We all know that Seattle would probably never come second to any place when it comes to nature. However, not only Seattle itself but the places around it are also naturally gifted with scintillating mountains, rivers, and greenery galore.

Luckily, I got a chance earlier this year to visit the iconic Bavarian-style village in the Cascade Mountains, Leaven worth. Leaven worth is a two-hour drive away from Seattle offering you a near-perfect European experience.

In the 60s, the town council decided to renovate the complete village and transform it into a miniature Germany to promote tourism. Thanks to their decision, we Seattleites can get a Europe-Esque experience right next to our city.

Apart from enjoying a Europe-like atmosphere, there are plenty of things on offer at Liven worth for people of all interests.


Don’t you worry then, because you will be served with a thrilling rafting experience on the water, enthralling snow tours on land, and zip line tours with some of the best views while being in a rather chilly air?


Even you shouldn’t worry either as you are sure to be delighted with sensational hiking tours, wonderfully themed restaurants, and not to forget that Liven worth is also home to wineries.

So what more do you want? Go and enjoy some of the best views, crisp mountain air, beautiful sceneries, and adventures of all kinds only at Leaven Worth!

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