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How We Launched Our Startup Without Any Money!

My husband and I wanted to launch a startup. My husband was fed up with working in a 9-5 job and wanted to get through the never-ending hand-to-mouth monthly salary loop. Thanks to our uncle, who guided us and made us soon realize that the most important thing is to have a business role model that serves as a blueprint for your startup because you can never fulfill your dream without it. You must be well aware of how your startup is going to generate earnings. Without having a systematic approach, your startup can fail right away. My uncle, my husband, and I worked hard to create a well-planned and organized business model. But after we had set a particular business model, we needed money which we didn't have, so we did the next best thing. We applied for a grant to get our business going. What I like about grant funding is that the awardees don't necessarily demand equity from the awardees. Now with financial worries aside, we took another step that played a pivotal role in the success of our startup. This step was to find investors for our business. This step has to be done by carefully explaining your ideas and goals because by being vague, you can certainly lose money coming in. You have to convince your investors that your business will give them profit. Still, you cannot do that unless you have a complete hold of your idea, how it's going to function, and why it will be profitable. We checked all these points and succeeded in launching our startup a few months ago, which is growing with every passing second. If you can succeed in taking these steps with an appropriate approach, congratulations, you'll soon become a startup business owner.

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Are You On The Hunt For An Authentic Asian Grocery Store?

I had invited some of my Asian friends for dinner at home and wanted to surprise them by cooking delicious Asian cuisine. To do so, I needed some genuine and top-quality Asian food items like spices, vegetables, etc., but I couldn’t find them at reasonable rates at my local grocery stores. While on the lookout for a place with the best deals, I stumbled upon Viet-Wah, and Oh boy, was I glad. Right away, I was welcomed by an amiable store worker, and almost every one of the staff members helped me during my shopping. They were accommodating in giving the right advice, which ingredients to choose, shared honest reviews, and made this whole trip a lot less hectic and chaotic than I was anticipating. They have a nice array of staples, meat, fish, snacks, and even those items that are hard to find. However, their array of clean, fresh, and high-quality veggies is unbeatable. You would find plenty of Asian veggies at economical prices at Viet-Wah. Upon inspecting, I also found out that Viet-Wah gives the best prices and the most amazing deals for their customers comparing to other Asian-themed Grocery Stores. I was so happy that I got everything I needed to surprise my friends by serving authentic Asian food. The store follows CDC guidelines about Covid-19 very strictly and lets their customers have a safe shopping experience. It was a great experience, and the cherry on the top was the parking which was easy to find. For anyone who wants real Asian ingredients and other food items, I suggest Viet-Wah enjoy not just amazing deals but top-quality products as well.

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An Ultimate Career Growth Story That Might Help You Today!

There used to be a young, handsome gatekeeper in my University. He came from a good family. But, he made it here just because his father's death responsibilities were shifted to him. He used to talk to the students and ask them about different degree programs. He once also asked me, and this was when I got to know he had passed his college with flying colors and now do multiple jobs to run the kitchen. Despite a stressful life and responsibilities, the thirst for knowledge didn't stop him. His destiny and the students helped him, but he couldn't be what he is today without the hard work and motivation he did. He made up his mind of what career he wanted to choose. He started saving some money. He doubled the jobs he used to do in a single day while saving for his studies. He knew his potentials. One fine day he left his gatekeeping job and got admitted to the University. He was such a keen learner. He proved himself. Alongside his other jobs and sleepless nights, he also did great big projects in University and earned prize money that helped him bear the educational expenses. Based on his excellent academic performance, he also got a scholarship from University to pursue his master's. The story does not end here. Last week when I went to a Bank, I was surprised and glad to see him as a manager there. He proved that nothing could come in the way of motivation, inspiration and you must have that urge and will to make things happen.

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