How to Add Somfy Devices to Apple HomeKit?

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As technology evolves, the demand for seamless integration between smart devices becomes paramount. Somfy, a leader in the smart home industry, offers a range of innovative products that enhance convenience and security.
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If you’re an Apple HomeKit user seeking to integrate your Somfy devices, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore various methods to seamlessly incorporate your Somfy smart home devices into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem.

Ways to add your Roborock devices to Apple HomeKit

  1. Enomek — Editor’s pick
  2. HomeBridge
  3. HOOBS

Somfy HomeKit Integration

Smart home enthusiasts who own Somfy devices often wonder if they can control their gadgets through the Apple Home App and Siri. While some Somfy devices are natively compatible with Apple HomeKit, there are workarounds for non-compatible ones, thanks to third-party solutions.

Enomek App: Recommended Solution

For those seeking a straightforward solution to integrate non-compatible Somfy smart devices with HomeKit, Enomek is the answer. This web-based application goes beyond Homebridge’s limitations, allowing you to seamlessly add a wide range of devices, including Somfy, Alexa, Shelly, Ring, Sonoff, and more, to your HomeKit network.

Download Enomek App

Step guide for Enomek App Installation

Athom Bridge: Affordable Compatibility

The Athom Bridge offers an affordable avenue for integrating your Somfy devices with Apple HomeKit. Designed for easy setup, this HomeKit Homebridge server is a plug-and-play solution. Its simplicity ensures that even users with limited technical experience can effortlessly incorporate their Somfy devices into their HomeKit ecosystem.

Order Athom Bridge


HOOBS, a self-hosted HomeKit server, is another powerful option. Free to use, HOOBS simplifies the process of integrating third-party devices, including Somfy products, into Apple HomeKit. Built on the Homebridge platform, HOOBS is a versatile system that expands the compatibility of your smart home devices.

Order a Hoobs Box


For tech-savvy individuals, Homebridge is an open-source platform that bridges the gap between unsupported devices, like Somfy products, and Apple HomeKit. With a bit of technical knowledge, you can customize the integration process and enjoy the benefits of enhanced control.

If you are interested in learning more about the Homebridge solution, you can find everything about Homebridge here.

Somfy TaHoma Switch Smart Home Hub: A Central Bridge

The Somfy TaHoma Switch Smart Home Hub serves as a central bridge for certain Somfy devices to communicate with Apple HomeKit. By utilizing the TaHoma Switch, you can effectively control various Somfy devices through Apple HomeKit, including the Apple Home App and Siri.

If you want to add any smart home devices to HomeKit, you can check here.

Streamlining the Installation of Somfy Outdoor Cameras

Installing a Somfy outdoor security camera on Apple HomeKit is now more accessible than ever. By following a few straightforward steps, you can integrate your Somfy outdoor camera seamlessly into your HomeKit network, enhancing your home security capabilities.

Step 01: Obtain the QR Code

Begin by launching the Somfy Protect app. Access the “Settings” menu and choose “Apple HomeKit.” Select the relevant product from the displayed list. This action will reveal the HomeKit association code. Save or record the HomeKit link code. Print the HomeKit link code or showcase it on another screen.

Step 02: Launch the Home App

Ensure that your camera is powered on and connected to the Wi-Fi network. Open the Home App, requiring an iOS version of 11.3 or higher.

Step 03: Incorporate an Accessory

For the Initial Setup:

Tap “Add Accessory” located on the screen’s bottom. Alternatively,

If you’ve already installed a HomeKit accessory,

Tap the top section of the screen. Choose “Add accessory.”

Step 04: Scan the QR Code

The Somfy camera will be automatically detected and set up. Allow time for the accessory installation to complete.

Step 05: Integrate Three Services

Enhance your HomeKit setup with video, motion detection, and light services. Opt to “Show as separate titles” to display them individually.

Step 06: Successful Camera Installation

Additionally, if you possess ZigBee devices, discover how to include them in your Apple HomeKit setup.

It’s worth noting that certain Somfy devices are compatible with HomeKit, expanding the possibilities of your smart home. Let’s explore which Somfy devices offer HomeKit compatibility.

Somfy Products Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Somfy’s commitment to innovation extends to ensuring compatibility with a variety of protocols, including IO, RTS, and ZigBee 3.0 devices, all of which can be harnessed using the versatile TaHoma switch. This switch serves as a bridge, enabling control over a diverse range of devices:

  • Shutters
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • Garage Doors
  • Door Locks
  • Lights
  • Plugs
  • Alarms
  • Sensors

1. Somfy Tahoma Hub: The Central Nerve Center

The Somfy Tahoma Switch Hub takes center stage in your Somfy Home Automation system. This hub functions as the central control point, allowing you to wield comprehensive command over various devices. From the Somfy Zavio One+ Ventain blinds and shades to motorized roller shades and lights, the Tahoma Switch Hub elevates your smart home experience.

If you’re interested in the TaHoma experience without the switch, you can explore and buy TaHoma Hub available on Amazon.

2. Somfy Indoor Camera: Monitoring Your Space from Afar

The Somfy Indoor Camera empowers you to stay connected with your home, even when you’re miles away. Seamlessly connecting to your Wi-Fi network, this camera offers a clear view of the interiors, ensuring you’re always in the loop about what’s transpiring within your house.

3. Somfy RTS: Effortless Control from Anywhere

Managing multiple Somfy Lights and Lift motorized blinds and shades becomes effortless with the Somfy RTS system. This technology allows you to control up to eight blinds or shades using a single remote, regardless of your location.

Unveiling the Apple HomeKit Compatibility List for Somfy IO Devices

  • RS100 IO
  • RS100 IO Hybrid
  • Oximo IO
  • Ilmo IO
  • Maestria IO
  • Sunilus Screen IO
  • Sunea Screen IO
  • J4 IO
  • EVB Slim Receiver IO
  • Sunilus IO
  • Sunea IO
  • Pergola IO
  • Pergola Screen IO

HomeBridge for Somfy Device Control

For those ready to delve into the world of HomeBridge, the journey towards controlling Somfy devices through Apple HomeKit becomes even more exciting. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Install Homebridge on Your Mac/PC: Before integrating the Somfy plugin, ensure Homebridge is set up on your Mac/PC.
  2. Install the Somfy Plugin: Head to the Homebridge server, click on the “Plugin” button, search for “homebridge-tost-corp-somfy-rts-web,” and install the plugin.
  3. Edit the Configuration File: Customize your configuration by adding platform and device details.
  4. Run the Plugin: Restart the server to activate the newly installed plugin.
  5. Control Devices on HomeKit: With the plugin in place, you can now manage your Somfy devices seamlessly via Apple HomeKit.

Homebridge Plugins for Seamlessly Integrating Somfy Smart Home Devices

These plugins enhance compatibility, granting you unprecedented control over your Somfy devices through Apple’s ecosystem. Let’s explore these plugins and their remarkable capabilities:

1. homebridge-somfi-blinds: Elevate Your Interior Aesthetics

The homebridge-somfi-blinds plugin shines a light on Somfy RTS devices like rolling shutters, blinds, and awnings.

2. homebridge-somfy-http: Mastering Window Cover Control

Specifically tailored for Somfy Window Cover Plugin, the homebridge-somfy-http plugin opens the doors to fine-tuned control over your window coverings.

3. homebridge-tahoma: Simplifying Multi-Service Integration

The homebridge-tahoma plugin serves as a sample platform plugin, catering to the HaHoma and Cozytouch services.

4. homebridge-connexoon: Embracing Connectivity

The homebridge-connexoon plugin bridges the gap between Apple HomeKit and the Connexoon, TaHoma, and Cozytouch platforms and devices.

5. homebridge-mylink: Navigating the MyLink Realm

Tailored for Somfy myLink devices, the homebridge-mylink plugin unleashes the potential of MyLink-powered devices within the Apple HomeKit framework.

6. homebridge-somfy: Seizing Control Over Shutters

The homebridge-somfy plugin is a dedicated integration solution for Somfy shutters.

7. homebridge-tost-corp-somfy-rts-web: The Path to Blind Control

The homebridge-tost-corp-somfy-rts-web plugin is the key to unlocking control over your Somfy blinds.


Integrating Somfy smart home devices with Apple HomeKit is a gateway to a more unified and streamlined smart home experience. Whether you opt for Enomek’s simplicity, Athom Bridge’s affordability, HOOBS’ comprehensive integration, or HomeBridge’s customizable approach, you’re poised to enjoy the benefits of a harmonious smart home ecosystem. Embrace the future of smart living by seamlessly combining Somfy devices with the power of Apple HomeKit and taking control like never before.

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