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The Things I Never Leave Costco, Lancaster Without

Melissa Frost
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I don't know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with Costco, especially Costco in Lancaster, PA, during the Holiday season. It seems like no matter what time I decide to go there, it is packed with cars and people. Usually, the horse parking for The Amish's transportation vehicles is in use as well.

It is hard to get in, hard to get out. The lines are often very long, and the only thing that makes the shopping experience doable aside from the food is the staff. They're friendly.

I try to go to Costco Lancaster as rarely as possible and grab as much as possible with me. I always end up with a full cart, and here are some of the things I never leave without.

The cheese

The cheese selection at this Costco location is amazing. Whenever I go, I always bring home some Norwegian Jarlsberg with me, as well as the Kirkland brand brie, and burrata. To go with the cheese, I get their signature 12-count artisanal rolls. They're usually hot when I get them, and I devour the rolls + cheese as soon as I'm back home.

Italian-style meatballs

This bag lasts for months. They usually have several options in the freezer section, but I always go for the signature brand with cooked, Italian-style beef. I think the bag itself has about 140 meatballs or so in it, so for a family, this one makes for reasonably priced dinners. Pairs perfectly with Rao marinara sauce and spaghetti.

Breakfast items

I love oats and frozen fruit. Purchasing this at Costco can be a real money saver, especially if you eat oatmeal or smoothies frequently for breakfast. For oats, I get the One Degree organic sprouted rolled oats. It's 5 pounds and lasts a long time. For frozen fruit, I tend to end up with organic blueberries or dragonfruit.

Nuts, nuts, nuts

Can't get enough of them. The Kirkland brand with pistachios is amazing. I recently found a new favorite as well. The Savanna Orchard Honey Roasted Nut & Pistachios mix is the most delicious nut treat I've ever had. They're made with a blend of cashews, almonds, pecans, and pistachios, and they're so, so good.

Something sweet

Especially now, during the holiday season, it's impossible to leave the store without something sweet. You can smell their Chucky chocolate chip cookies throughout the store, they always have something delicious, often seasonal baked goods, or chocolate on display. One of my favorites is their two-bite brownie pack.

Costco in Lancaster is located in the Greenfield area. Greenfield is a large mixed-use hub for businesses in the county. It is home to a varied mix of more than 200 local, regional, and international businesses, and from opening hours and throughout the day, it is completely packed with cars.

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