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Conquer Your Fears at "ScareScape" Haunted Maze

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Murrieta, CA - After the curtains fell on the Field of Screams and Temecula Terror, a fresh, spine-tingling haunt experience emerges in Murrieta. "ScareScape," spanning a sprawling 15,000 square feet, is set to reignite the community's love for local haunted houses, courtesy of a dedicated team of producers.

From September 29 to October 29, thrill-seekers can venture into the realm of fear at 28701 Los Alamos Heights Road on Thursdays through Sundays.

Crafting Fear: Behind the Scenes

As the sun sets on a Wednesday afternoon, the serene atmosphere around Los Alamos Sports Park is disrupted by the din of saws and hammers. This is the sound of preparation as the dedicated build and design crew readies Murrieta's "ScareScape" for its eagerly awaited opening.

Behind this spine-chilling spectacle are the creative minds of Alexandra "Lexy" Berru, Emily Seruga, and Sean Riegler. These visionaries are the architects of four distinct mazes, each designed to compel visitors to confront their deepest and most persistent fears.

A Dream Turned Reality

"ScareScape" has been more than just a project; it's been a lifelong dream for the Creative Minds Productions team. According to Berru, the mastermind behind this haunt, the concept took shape in January 2023. However, the trio had nurtured this idea for years, fueled by their passion for creating spine-tingling experiences.

Mazes of Fear: Confronting Phobias

The heart of "ScareScape" lies in its four meticulously crafted mazes, each centred around a common human phobia:

  1. Coulrophobia Maze: Dive into the fear of clowns, where the line between humour and horror blurs.
  2. Phasmophobia Maze: Confront the supernatural and the fear of ghosts in a chilling journey.
  3. Nyctophobia Maze: Plunge into the depths of darkness, battling the fear of the unknown.
  4. Entomophobia Maze: Face your dread of insects in a maze designed to test your nerves.

While three of these mazes are open to general admission, one remains exclusive for VIP thrill-seekers who seek an even more intense experience.

A Legacy of Haunt Expertise

The Creative Minds Productions team is familiar with the haunt scene. They honed their craft under the mentorship of seasoned haunt professionals across Southern California. Berru and Seruga contributed their expertise to renowned haunts like Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, Temecula Terror, and Temecula Vail Lake KOA Halloween Haunt.

On the other hand, Riegler boasts a decade-long history as both a haunt actor and builder, leaving his mark on haunts such as Field of Screams and Temecula Terror.

A Nightmare Space, Safely Crafted

"ScareScape" is envisioned as a "nightmare space" for guests to face their primal fears head-on. However, the team emphasizes that, unlike past experiences that may have left lingering trauma, this haunt prioritizes the safety and well-being of all participants.

Rising Above Past Shadows

The local southwest Riverside County haunt community faced a dark period due to disturbing incidents involving individuals associated with haunts. Notably, the conviction of a former Field of Screams plague actor, Morgan Fowler, for serial sex abuse cast a shadow over the industry. Another haunt producer, Zachary Ball of the Bloodshed Brothers, faced similar legal consequences.

According to Berru, many individuals, including her team members, had prior experience at haunts connected to these incidents. However, she is determined to set "ScareScape" apart and redefine the local haunted house industry.

Prioritizing Safety and Ethics

Berru reassures the public that every precaution has been taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. All employees undergo background checks and comprehensive training to prevent sexual assault and harassment. Additionally, a robust security presence will be maintained at the site.

The recent events have served as a stark reminder to the haunt industry of its ethical and legal responsibilities. Berru believes these challenges have prompted a positive shift, reinforcing the commitment to creating and maintaining safe spaces for all attendees.

As "ScareScape" prepares to unleash its horrors, the team remains unwavering in offering a thrilling yet safe encounter with fear.

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