Heroes in Chaos: 160 Saved in FL by Deputies and Police

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As Hurricane Idalia's menacing presence loomed over Florida's Nature Coast, including Pasco County, Heather and David Durst of Hudson, among the countless victims, found themselves grappling with the cruel wrath of this Category 3 hurricane.

Their tale is one of tragedy and resilience, with heroes emerging as Pasco County law enforcement and first responders.

The Hurricane's Approach

The National Hurricane Center's grim forecast for Idalia left no room for optimism. With the Gulf of Mexico as its stage, this storm promised a tempestuous dance with winds reaching a furious 110 mph and a storm surge towering at 9 feet.

New Port Richey, home to 16,966 souls, stood vulnerable, as did other coastal parts of Pasco County.

In anticipation of the impending catastrophe, Pasco County's Emergency Management division issued mandatory evacuation orders for Zone A, encompassing 72,590 residents who faced the relentless storm surge.

A Veteran's Vigilance

Enter Chief Jeffrey Kochen, a seasoned veteran with 32 years of service in the Tarpon Springs Police Department, including a decade as its chief. Having called New Port Richey home since 1996, he understood the reluctance of some residents to leave their homes during evacuations.

Kochen took proactive measures, rallying his forces. The police department's 44 full-time officers, as well as auxiliary and part-time officers, stood ready. It was a wise decision. The police department soon found itself inundated with calls for help from residents who had chosen to brave the storm.

A Night of Heroic Rescues

As Hurricane Idalia unleashed its fury, sending monstrous waves surging through city streets and homes, Chief Kochen's officers became the unsung heroes of the night. They gallantly rescued over 100 residents, embodying the spirit of courage and compassion.

Meanwhile, Pasco County sheriff's deputies faced challenges across the county's vast 747 square miles, home to 575,891 residents. Sheriff Chris Nocco, leading by example, was photographed assisting a senior citizen through treacherous floodwaters in Hudson.

Nocco and his fellow deputies evacuated 60 residents from submerged homes in Hudson while clearing blocked roads of fallen trees and debris. Pasco's deputies and firefighters, utilizing specialized high-water vehicles, saved 85 residents, ranging from 9-year-olds to seniors in their 90s.

The Aftermath of Devastation

As the dust settled, a grim reality emerged. An estimated 6,000 homes in Pasco County bore the scars of flooding, some submerged in waters as deep as 5 feet. Yet, their ordeal was far from ordinary for Heather and David Durst.

Their dream waterfront home in Hudson, purchased just two years prior, had turned into an inferno. As the hurricane's fury raged outside, they were confronted with the horrifying sight of their house ablaze.

Despite their initial attempts to combat the fire, they were swiftly overpowered, realizing that this was a battle they could not win alone. In desperation, they dialed 911, their hopes hanging by a thread. Pasco's first responders had their challenges to confront amid the raging hurricane.

The Race Against Time

It was a harrowing hour-long wait as Pasco County firefighters navigated through submerged streets to reach the Dursts' home. When they arrived, the flames had consumed the garage, hungrily advancing into the attic. Firefighters waged a courageous battle against the relentless inferno for nearly five hours.

In the end, all that remained of the Dursts' once-idyllic home were smoldering ruins, charred remnants of furniture, and water-soaked mementos of their 30-year journey together. Among the ruins, a few boxes containing precious family photos and cherished memories stood as the sole survivors.

A Community's Compassion

Moved by their heart-wrenching story, the community rallied behind Heather and David Durst. Necessities poured in, and a GoFundMe campaign was initiated by their daughter, Erica LaFata, along with her brothers, Mason and Drake, all residents of Hudson.

The Dursts had invested their hearts and souls into personalizing their dream home, a repository of family heirlooms and cherished memories. The destruction was swift and merciless, witnessed from a safe distance across the street.

A Beacon of Hope

While Heather and David Durst may not have asked for help, their children took the initiative. The GoFundMe campaign was established to allow family and friends to express their support as the Dursts embark on the arduous journey of rebuilding their lives and their Florida home.

As of Thursday night, the campaign had garnered 38 donations, totaling an inspiring $10,330, including a generous anonymous contribution of $5,000.

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