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Mysterious Predator Captured on Camera Attacking Deer in Wilmington, NY

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Discover the intriguing case of a mysterious predator caught on camera in Wilmington, NY, as the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) seeks assistance from the Hudson Valley outdoor community. This captivating incident has baffled experts as they attempt to identify the elusive creature responsible for the intense kill. Join us as we delve into the details and explore the clues surrounding this enigmatic encounter.

A Startling Capture

In a remarkable turn of events, a driveway trail cam in Wilmington, NY, recorded an extraordinary predator-prey interaction that stunned residents and wildlife experts. The DEC recently shared the footage, igniting curiosity and speculation about the unidentified assailant.

DEC's Investigation Begins

Upon receiving the report of this unprecedented incident, the Department of Environmental Conservation swiftly dispatched one of its skilled wildlife biologists to assess the area and gather crucial evidence. The biologist ventured to the attack scene, hoping to witness a potential return of the mysterious predator. View the captivating video footage below:

Unleashing the Collective Wisdom

Eager to crack the case, the DEC is enlisting the support of its dedicated followers and outdoor enthusiasts in deciphering the identity of the enigmatic predator. Although the final verdict will be announced on the DEC's Facebook page, let's explore the available hints and engage in some speculative detective work:

Clues at the Scene

  1. The prey was a young female deer weighing approximately 80-100 lbs. Such a sizeable kill narrows the list of potential predators roaming the Adirondacks.
  2. Unusual feeding patterns were observed on the right front shoulder and the rump of the deer, suggesting a predator with specific hunting techniques.
  3. A distinct area on the lower part of the neck, just behind the jaw, bore evidence of the predator's attack.
  4. Intriguingly, the predator attempted to conceal or "cache" the carcass, leaving visible scrape marks in the surrounding soil imprinted by its powerful paws.

Speculation and Personal Encounter

While experts continue their investigation, personal opinions and encounters add an intriguing layer to the mystery. One hypothesis gaining attention is the presence of a mountain lion. Interestingly, a firsthand account of a mountain lion sighting on Route 9, heading towards Rhinebeck, provides a compelling anecdote that aligns with the possibility of their involvement in the Wilmington incident.

As the DEC grapples with the perplexing case of the mysterious predator in Wilmington, NY, the collective wisdom of outdoor enthusiasts and experts alike holds the key to unravelling this enigma. Stay tuned to the DEC's Facebook page for the final revelation as we eagerly await the resolution of this captivating wildlife mystery.

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