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Giant Bear Caught on Video Visiting New York Cabin, Raising Awareness for Local Community

Sara Irshad

A recent video that has gone viral captures the moment a giant black bear stands on its hind legs and sniffs around the doorway to a cabin in Hewlett, New York.

The cabin owner, Cesar, received a notification on his phone in the middle of the night telling him an unexpected visitor was at his cabin. When he checked the footage, he was amazed to see the giant bear.

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, between 6,000 and 8,000 black bears live in the open across the state. While it is common to encounter these animals in areas close to natural bear habitats, it is important to be vigilant when living near these creatures.

Most bear interactions are uneventful, but issues might emerge when someone unwittingly provides a possible food source for bears. Bears may be attracted to a property by bird feeders, barbeque grills, pet food, and badly kept waste.

Dogs have also been shown to be a source of particular interest to bears, with a study from the University of Calgary finding that of the previous 92 bear attacks reported in the U.S., 49 involved dogs.

Fortunately, Cesar's situation did not include such complications. However, he was eager to share the footage in order to urge people to be cautious. "We want to share the video to raise awareness among the local community and tourists that bears do roam the area," he added. This understanding will reduce possible dangers to both humans and wildlife/bears."

Securing pets and any potential food sources is essential to avoid attracting bears to your property. While bears are shy animals and tend to avoid people, it is crucial to remain vigilant and take precautions to minimize potential danger.

This incident is not the first time a New York homeowner has been surprised by such an animal. In March, a Wappingers Falls resident was stunned to discover a bear testing out the trampoline in their backyard. Similarly, other parts of the country have also seen hair-raising encounters with bears.

For example, a man in Minnesota captured a close encounter with a bear on camera, while in Colorado, a bear was filmed stealing a food hamper from a truck.

Though these incidents can be alarming, we must remember that our residential development encroaches on bear habitats. As such, we must learn to coexist with these animals and take measures to ensure their safety and our own.

Suppose you live in an area close to a natural bear habitat. In that case, taking precautions such as securing your garbage and food sources, keeping pets indoors at night, and being alert when hiking or walking in bear country is important.

By being mindful of our actions and minimizing potential conflicts with wildlife, we can ensure that bears and humans can coexist peacefully.

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