Struggling snowboarder causes chaos on the slopes: Knocks over skiers like bowling pins

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A recent video that has gone viral online has left the skiing community in awe and disbelief. Shot in Styria, Austria, the video depicts a snowboarder struggling to stay upright on a tow rope as he has pulled up a slope.

The snowboarder's foot slips out of the board's straps, causing him to lose control of the snowboard, which starts swaying erratically from side to side.

As the snowboarder continues to struggle, a skier on the lift above decides to capture the action on video. The snowboarder's board hops and twists until he finally loses his balance and falls, sliding down the steep incline. What follows is a chain of events that seems like a scene out of a comedy movie.

Unable to stop himself, the out-of-control snowboarder slides down the hill, crashing into one skier and snowboarder after another. The chaos continues until a pile-up of riders behind him slides down the hill in a heap. It isn't easy to keep track, but the snowboarder takes out at least eight other riders.

The incident is a classic example of what can happen when snowboarders and skiers fail to follow the basic rules of the slopes. While accidents do happen, they can often be avoided with proper preparation and training.

The Importance of Proper Training

The video highlights proper training and preparation before hitting the slopes. While skiing and snowboarding are thrilling sports, they can also be dangerous if you need to know what you're doing. It's essential to take lessons and learn the basics before you start trying to tackle more advanced terrain.

Skiing and snowboarding also require physical fitness, which can tax the body. Before hitting the slopes, ensure you're in good shape and have the necessary strength and endurance to handle the demands of the sport.

The Importance of Following the Rules

The incident in the video also underscores the importance of following the rules of the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders need to be aware of their surroundings and not put themselves or others in harm's way.

Basic rules include always staying in control, skiing or snowboarding within your ability level, and giving others plenty of space. Skiers and snowboarders must also be aware of the signs and signals on the slopes and follow them accordingly.


The viral video of the struggling snowboarder causing chaos on the slopes is a reminder of the importance of proper training and following the rules of the slopes. While accidents happen, many can be avoided with some preparation and common sense.

Skiers and snowboarders must respect one another and ensure everyone can enjoy the slopes safely. By doing so, we can all continue to enjoy the thrill and excitement of these fantastic winter sports.

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