Unbelievable: Man discovers massive spider living inside his ear

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A recent viral video on Twitter has sent shivers down the spines of many netizens. The video shows a man lying down while a liquid is injected into his ear.

As the fluid is poured in, a live spider crawls out, shocking both the man and the audience. The video has since been viewed 5.7 million times and has garnered several likes and comments.

The idea of a spider crawling into your ear canal is enough to make anyone cringe. The thought of it alone is terrifying, but it became a reality for one man. The incident was caught on camera and has left many people questioning the video's authenticity.

Have you ever thought about your first reaction if you found a spider crawling on your skin or crawling into your ear? It's a nightmare scenario that can send chills down your spine. The video shared by Oddly Terrifying, a Twitter page, has left many people uncomfortable.

The Viral Video That Terrified Netizens

The viral video shows a man lying down while a liquid is injected into his ear. A live spider crawls out as the liquid is poured in, sending shockwaves through the man and the audience. The video has gone viral and has been viewed 5.7 million times, with many people expressing their terror in the comments section.

A Nightmare Scenario: Spider Crawling Into Your Ear Canal

The thought of a spider crawling into your ear canal is enough to give anyone the creeps. The sensation of a foreign object in your ear, coupled with the knowledge that it's a live spider, is enough to send shivers down your spine. The video has left many people uneasy and questioning their ears' safety.

The Authenticity of the Video is Questioned

Despite the terrifying nature of the video, there are questions about its authenticity. DNA testing was inconclusive in identifying whether the footage was real or fake. This has led some people to question the integrity of the footage and whether it was staged for social media views.

Netizens Share Their Own Experiences With Creepy Crawly Ear Invaders

The viral video has sparked a conversation among netizens about their own experiences with bugs in their ears. Many people shared their stories in the comments section, with some recalling their close calls with ear-invading bugs. Some netizens even shared tips on safely removing bugs from the ear canal.


The video of a spider crawling out of a man's ear has gone viral and made many people uneasy. While the video's authenticity is questionable, it has sparked a conversation among netizens about the safety of their ears and their experiences with creepy-crawly ear invaders.

Whether the video is real or fake, it's a reminder that we should always take precautions to protect our ears from unwanted intruders.

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