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Aurora City Councilmember Proposes Sister City Partnership with Chihuahua, Mexico

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Aurora City Councilmember Juan Marcano proposed a bill to establish a sister city partnership between Aurora, Colorado and Chihuahua, Mexico, to strengthen cultural and educational ties. This move aims to formalize the existing strong relationship between the two cities.

Mexican Roots in the Denver Metro Area

According to a memo from city staff to the council, most people of Mexican descent in the Denver metro area trace their roots to Chihuahua. This fact strengthens the already existing relationship between the two cities.

ASCI's Role in the Partnership

Aurora Sister Cities International (ASCI) has proposed a partnership between Aurora and Chihuahua. ASCI's mission is to promote cultural, educational, and international exchanges, cultivating a network of community ambassadors who champion peace and prosperity worldwide. Currently, ASCI has active relationships with the cities of Seongnam, South Korea, and Adama, Ethiopia, and non-active relationships with the towns of Jaco, Costa Rica, Zielona Gora, Poland, and Antiguo Cuscatlan, El Salvador (Friendship city).

Chihuahua's Development Strategy

Chihuahua is the capital of the northwestern Mexican state of Chihuahua and the second most populated city in Mexico. According to the memo, Chihuahua has a solid development strategy with 13 strategic sectors that aim to increase competitiveness and innovation. These sectors include automotive, construction, aerospace, electronics, and agro-industry industries. Chihuahua is already a sister city with Pueblo and Albuquerque.

Future Steps

At a study session on Monday, a proposal will be made to formalize the sister city partnership between Aurora and Chihuahua. Although no formal vote usually occurs at a study session, the full Aurora City Council must vote for the association to become official at a future meeting.


Establishing a sister city partnership between Aurora and Chihuahua would strengthen the cultural and educational ties between the two cities. With Chihuahua's solid development strategy and strategic sectors, there is potential for economic growth and innovation. It will be interesting to see the proposal's outcome and its potential impact on both cities.

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