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Heartwarming Connection Between Barber and Child with Down Syndrome Captured on Video

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A heartwarming video of a barber giving a special haircut to a child goes viral.Photo

A Cincinnati barber, Vernon Jackson, has been offering free haircuts to children with special needs through an initiative called GIFTED. This program has been making a difference in the lives of many families and has recently gone viral after a heartwarming video of one of the haircuts was shared on social media.

The Inspiring Story of Ellison Eubanks

Ellison Eubanks, a 7-year-old boy with Down syndrome, recently visited Vernon Jackson for a haircut. Despite his infectious smile and love for laughter, Ellison faces daily challenges, including getting a haircut, which has previously been a difficult experience for both him and his parents.

However, that changed when Ellison's family discovered the GIFTED initiative, which offers free haircuts to kids with special needs. The experience with Vernon was so heartwarming that Ellison's mother recorded it, and the video went viral on social media.

"We were laughing as if we'd been friends for 20 years. So, that's a good, good spirit connection," Jackson said.

"It was a proud moment watching my child get through what has been a difficult time with Jackson's help," said Ellison's mother, Julie Eubanks.

A Connection Built Through Laughter and Love

The haircuts offered by Vernon through GIFTED are not only free for parents but also provide a fun and bonding experience for the children. Vernon said, "that's why at the end of most of my haircuts, we are giving high-fives and fist-bumps, and in some of the best moments, we are giving hugs."

Support from the Community

The haircuts offered by GIFTED are made possible by the generosity of donors who have raised more than $13,000 through a GoFundMe fundraiser. This initiative has brought joy and support to many families with special needs children and has made a significant difference in their lives.


This heartwarming story shows the power of community support and the difference a simple act of kindness can make. Vernon Jackson's GIFTED initiative has provided a necessary service and a fun and bonding experience for children with special needs. This initiative will continue to bring joy and support to many more families.

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