Food blogger fined $18,500 after sharing a video of her illegally buying and eating a great white shark

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Food blogger shares video of her illegally buying and eating a great white shark, gets fined Rs 15 lakhPhoto
A popular Chinese food blogger, known as Tizi, recently faced the consequences of breaking wildlife protection laws in China by illegally buying and eating a great white shark.

In April 2022, Tizi paid 7,700 yuan ($1,141) to purchase the vulnerable species on Alibaba’s Taobao shopping platform and later posted videos of herself preparing and consuming the shark on Douyin and Kuaishou. The international attention the videos received led to a fine of $18,500 USD.

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Breaking the Law

Great white sharks are a protected species listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Under the Wild Animal Protection Law in China, the transportation, buying, and selling of great white sharks is prohibited. Those who break these laws could face steep fines or up to ten years in prison.

Viral Videos Lead to Consequences

Tizi's mukbang videos, which feature her eating large quantities of food and addressing her audience, have gained her a following of 7.8 million on Douyin. One of her now-deleted videos showed the process of purchasing and consuming the great white shark. In the clip, Tizi proclaimed the shark's meat to be "truly super tender" before cutting it in half, barbecuing its tail, and boiling its head in broth.

Previous Controversies

Tizi's consumption of the great white shark is not her first controversial mukbang video. She has previously posted videos of herself eating crocodiles and ostriches, which received backlash from animal rights activists and concerned viewers.


The consequences faced by Tizi serve as a reminder of the importance of wildlife protection laws and the consequences of breaking them. The vulnerability of the great white shark and its international protection highlights the need for conservation efforts to protect endangered species. It is crucial for individuals to educate themselves on the laws and regulations surrounding protected wildlife and to make informed and responsible choices.

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