Viral Video Reveals Vulgar Speech by Failed MAGA Candidate

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The recording has thrown Nevada's GOP into turmoil

The Nevada Republican Party has been thrown into turmoil after a recording of a vulgar rant by a failed candidate was made public. Drew Hirsty, a newly elected GOP delegate, was expelled by the state Republican Party Central Committee earlier this month for recording and sharing a video of losing state attorney general candidate Michele Fiore slurring former state party chairwoman Amy Tarkanian as "Ms. Alcoholic" and a "panty dropper after two shots" after she endorsed her Democratic rival, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Hirsty, who was "appalled, offended and shocked" by Fiore's comments, uploaded the video to Google Drive and sent it to fellow Republican Margaret White. White then circulated the video, which soon caught the attention of media outlets. Both Hirsty and White expect to be booted from the Clark County GOP over the incident.

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White, a former chief of staff of the Clark County Republican Party, said, "It's not what I believe Republicans stand for integrity and class. They just want their small clique of people they can control. … They throw out anybody that disagrees with them."

Hirsty also recorded video at the same Nov. 15 event of Nevada GOP chairman Michael McDonald criticizing "backstabbing" Republicans like Tarkanian, who endorsed incumbent attorney general Aaron Ford and state treasurer Zach Conine, both Democrats, in the election. Hirsty said Clark County GOP chairman Jesse Law threatened to "get even," which Law denies.

Law won a bruising leadership fight for the county party in 2021 over state Sen. Carrie Buck (R-Henderson), and the Review-Journal obtained video of him at the Jan. 14 central committee meeting calling for a motion to remove Hirsty, which eventually passed 55-45.

In the video, Law says, "To me, it's rather destructive to this organization, to the state organization. It's a big embarrassment and that bothers me." He adds, "I don't want any of this problem, but also I don't want videos uploaded where we get to be a laughingstock.

I want Clark County to be doing great, so anyone involved in trying to upload videos and share with the media to harm us and embarrass us, I didn't think that this body would want to be a part of that."

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Fiore has since moved from Clark County to Nye County, where she was appointed justice of the peace despite having no judicial experience or even a law degree.

The incident has caused a rift within the Nevada Republican Party, with many members calling for an end to the infighting and a focus on the party's principles and values. The party will need to address the issue and take steps to restore the trust and confidence of its members if it hopes to be successful in future elections.

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