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Bear Captures 400 Selfies with Hijacked Wildlife Camera in the United States

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Using trap cameras in the woods, one bear captured 400 "selfies."Photo bytwitter
When they checked the cameras, the rangers found thousands of pictures of a friendly but curious bear.

It is important to note that wildlife animals have also adopted the practice of taking selfies. If you think it is just a human addiction, think again. An open space and mountain park (OSMP) in Boulder, Colorado, has a camera set up to capture the wildlife activities and living animals found there.

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As they uncovered the pictures taken, they discovered that out of 580 photographs, 400 were selfies taken by a bear and that they were taken there.

Throughout the 46,000-acre land system of OSMP, the staff has nine cameras. As soon as an animal passes in front of the cameras, they take a still photograph. When that happens, they also capture a video for 10 to 30 seconds. This is a new feature of the camera, which can capture video for 10 to 30 seconds. Infrared light creates photos at night, preventing disturbance to nocturnal wildlife at night.

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Will Keeley, a senior wildlife ecologist for the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, responded to the announcement by saying, "We are pleased about the motion detecting cameras as they provide us with a unique opportunity to learn more about how local species utilize the landscape around us while minimising our presence in sensitive habitats."

In addition to serving as a great tool to assist OSMP staff in identifying essential wildlife habitats, these cameras also enable us to recommend habitat protection measures to help protect these sensitive areas of the natural world."

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According to the Colorado administration, cameras are located in corridors where animals are likely to travel, including underpasses on roads and corridors where animals are likely to cross.

You may also post a comment. The department also places cameras where wildlife activity is evident, such as across fence lines where game trails cross or footprints in the snow indicating its presence.

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