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Some Believe There Is An Entrance To An Underground World At Blowing Cave Arkansas: The Legend

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When we think of an entrance to an underground world or how to enter a secret world, most of us think about Area 51. Yet according to those who have visited and heard the legend of Blowing Cave, they will tell you there is also an entrance to the underground world inside Blowing Cave, Arkansas.

Blowing Cave is located in Cushman, Arkansas, and those who live in the area feel that it holds many secrets and mysteries, giving Arkansas a little piece of lore legend. However, you do not have to search for an underground world to visit the cave; it is also perfect for cave enthusiasts and contains many tunnels to explore and a waterfall inside the cave.

It also has a lot of nooks and crannies, which is allegedly where the story of the underworld begins. The story of Blowing Cave began in the 1950s.

According to reports, there have been multiple accounts of people entering the cave and never coming out, and many believe they have entered a secret underworld. Accessing the underworld requires you to find the correct crevice.

The crevice that serves as the door to the underworld is located between the cave entrance and the lake, and once you pass into the underworld, you will see a stairway. When you see the stairway, that is the sign you have entered the underworld, and it is unsure if anyone has ever found their way back from this underworld.

Some say the legend started after science fiction author Richard Shaver wrote a book about an underground race of beings with bluish, chalky skin. After this story, another man named George D. Wright said he found a network of tunnels in Blowing Cave, and he did confirm they led to a secret underworld in Shaver's book.

After these two publications, another author, Branton (aka Bruce Alan Walton), wrote about the cave. His book was called The Underground Empire, and he claimed he saw a group of "human-like beings, who stood around 7 – 8 feet tall."

However, some who live in the area claim:

"People have explored in there for miles, and they've never seen any signs of [human] life.

Cushman was founded in 1886, and those living there have reported that many people have used the caves to have parties and dance. At one point, Cushman also served as the center of the manganese mining industry and as a shipping point for businesses and farmers in the north.

Whether you believe the cave is the entrance to the underworld, you can visit and explore the cave. Guided tours are available via a reservation on the cave's Facebook Page.

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