The American Dream is Alive and Well, Just Not in America (Opinion)

Sara B

One thing about traveling as someone from the US is I see precisely what the world thinks about us. It is natural for them to have their stereotypes; after all, we do an outstanding job at pumping out tons of fake content via Hollywood.

We also share with the world our best foods, you know, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Burger King, and any fast food chain. If you ask someone in a developing country what they think of America, they will say, ¨McDonald’s, Hollywood, Trump or Biden, and money¨, depending on the generation.

This is how the outside world sees us; mine take unhealthy misinformation, and we are in political shambles on both sides. They see it as ¨a wonderful place and see dollar bills¨.

You know, because the portrayal from Hollywood is that it is the land of obscene wealth, and everybody is rich. To them, we are. I mean, if everyone were rich, we would not have the enormous homeless population living on the streets. I was talking to a friend of mine from LA.

We used to work at a hospital together. After work, we would occasionally walk up to WEHO and go out to party, or if it were Pride, we would walk up to the Pride parade.

It was some of the best memories I have of living in LA. He told me that I would not believe the state of LA now. He said remember, we always used to walk around; now you can not or you might get stabbed. He said people get robbed daily, which is getting more dangerous daily.

I am unsure if it is an attack on the WEHO community or in general. Either way, it makes me sad; number one, my friends live there; number 2, the state of the US and the world.

The other day I was sitting in a cafe having ice cream, and two Georgian guys started talking to me. Georgians are very friendly and love to talk to tourists; also, I have been told that they don’t meet a lot of ¨Americans¨.

So I indulge, and we chat; I am a talker, which explains my long-winded writings. They find out I am from the US and instantly start smiling; one guy is translating for another guy. He says he wants to marry you. I said:

Well, I am not on the market, and then I said, why? He just met me
¨Because you are American, he wants to go home with you and become American.¨

Then I said ¨why does he want to go live in the US?¨


He wants to make money. They go on to tell me that everyone in the US is wealthy because that is what they see on TV. That is what the media portrays of us.

I looked at them and said the US is going through many issues right now. Of course, they did not believe me and kept saying ¨American Dream¨.

That they both knew in English:

¨I said well, sorry to disappoint you, but the real American dream is to earn USD and live not in America.¨

I always try to tell people I meet this. I give them options and tell them to teach their language online to make USD, EURO, and Pounds. I understand their money does not go far; here you are, either rich or poor.

I was informed there is no middle class. However, once you get sucked into the US, you become a cog in the wheel. You want to work to earn money to return to your country; trust me, I would like the same.

However you get sucked into capitalism, debt, and lifestyle, you could lose sight of your goal. At least, that is my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, my country of the US has afforded me so many good and amazing things, but it is not the ¨best¨ and the ¨American Dream¨ is long gone.

I got a good education, which I am still paying for. Before I left the US, I had a pile of debt that paid off, but debt is typical for us in the US. I had a job that would not give me my paid vacation because we were short-staffed without threatening to quit.

I got called on my days off about work. PTO is a joke; healthcare is a joke. Mental health is treated with medication instead of figuring out what is happening. Anti-depressants are handed out like candy, slowly turning our society into zombies.

A friend asked me what meds I was on the other day. I was like wtf are you talking about?

She was like, aren’t you depressed? I said no, I am not on anything. She was like, oh.

I digress.

Unfortunately, the memo has not been relayed yet because would that mean we have failed as a nation if we are no longer appealing to everyone, but yet we deny all visas to those who want to come and vacation?

I have spoken to many people who want to visit, and their visas are denied.

So we want you to think we are unique, but you are not permitted to visit because we are afraid you will stay? How egotistical, right?

I met a woman who had a conference in the US, and she wanted to bring her daughter since she was 4. Her visa was denied; she said they thought I would never leave.

I am forever baffled at how our nation functions and happy that I escaped before they went completely off the rails. I almost forgot to add in other countries; they are not allowed to advertise pharmaceuticals online; what a concept.

The US America I grew up in no longer exists. I am also very aware that no country is perfect and we all have our issues, and I am fortunate that I get to choose to leave. I mean, I guess it’s all going according to plan.

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