Top 8 Cons of Living in West Virginia

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The Weather

West Virginia has an average rainfall of 45 inches, meaning it rains a lot. If you do not like rain, this is not the place for you. Yet this is an average in the mountains; it rains more than, for example, the rain shadows east of the mountains.

However, it is also what makes WV so beautiful and green.

WV has a humid continental climate, with a few exceptions in the eastern panhandle. January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 33°F, and July is the warmest, with an average temperature of 73 °F. The growing season averages 160 days but can be anywhere from 120 to 180.

The Terrain

West Virginia has beautiful rolling hills and mountains; however, living on the side or top of a mountain can be challenging. You may choose to live in the holler, which has challenges.

WV is not your best option if you are looking for flat land to homestead. However, if you can work with the mountains, you will have a beautiful place to live. Livestock can be raised on a hill and if willing to do the work.

78% of WV is forested land.

The ground/soil

West Virginia is known for having red clay, which is high in iron, making it difficult to grow crops. It can also leak into your drinking water and cause issues. It is recommended to have a filter that can prevent any chemicals from getting into your water. However, you can lay down compost and repair your soil for a better garden.


West Virginia does not have a lot of opportunities. Most of the towns and cities in the state were started around the coal and oil boom. When the resources dried up, so did most of the cities, which is why WV has so many abandoned ghost towns.

The poverty rate in WV is 16.8%, and most people live below the poverty threshold of $26,500. Making WV one of the poorest states in America.


West Virginia has a drug problem and is in the middle of the opioid crisis. West Virginia has one of the highest drug problems in the US and suffers the highest number of overdoses. The state ranks the 4th in the nation, and WV has been ranked the highest for most overdoses per capita.

Bad Reputation

Most people have a preconceived perception of what someone from West Virginia should look and act like, which is not always good. Most people assume you are married to your brother, sister, or cousin, and if you are not, at least your parents or grandparents were once related. Of course, this is not an accurate stereotype.

Slow internet speeds

If you are moving to WV to be rural, you will get it; however, if you need high-speed internet, you might struggle to find that. As well as cell service can be spotty in some areas.

More Conservative

If you want to move to a more conservative state, this is the perfect place to be, as the WV government tends to stay out of your business, making it one of the best states to homestead. However, if you lean to the left, consider living elsewhere.

These are pros if you are looking for a more peaceful life and want to live a bit more rural and rustic. Would you move to WV?

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