TikTok video proves that makeup should be locked up; however, social justice warriors claim it is racist.

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There is an uproar on TikTok about only particular makeup being locked up, alluding that this is racist. I mean, it seems lately that we live in the most privileged country in the world where now we have to find problems that are not there. The reason they lock up certain things is most likely that is what is being stolen.

I watched a video about a woman explaining that locking up only certain shades of makeup at CVS was racist. The person said ¨I was looking at concealers, and only the darker concealer was locked up¨. Most stores take inventory of what is sold, what is stocked, and what is missing at the end of the day.

Everything is monitored, and when they notice something goes missing, they lock it up; just like baby formula, it is locked up because people steal it. I have also seen in some stores that only certain makeup brands are locked up, the one that gets stolen the most. So it makes sense to lock it up, but is locking up only one shade racist, as the person stated?

They go based on metrics; however, I also found this video on people stealing makeup, so all makeup should be locked up. Yet I also see how it can target a specific group, so let's lock it all up. Will that solve the problem?

This video is proof that makeup should be locked up.

@ayveeem These people straight walked in to Walgreens in my hometown of Woodland CA and started stealing with no shame at all. Video credit to Demi Bailey-Kay #sad #viral #stealing #tiktok #foryou #foryoupage #foryoupage #fyp #WoodlandCa #WPD #WoodlandPD #Walgreens #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #fypage #xyzbca #thieves ♬ original sound - Ayvee Em

I know thieves do come in all shapes and colors. So do murderers, rapists, and abusers.

I spend most of the year living in Colombia; everything is locked up or behind a counter in Latin America. Not all, but in most areas, yes, it is locked up. It is because specific regions have higher levels of theft. I have never heard a Colombian complaining about it; they are too busy with real problems, working and taking care of their families.

We must find situations where there is none; again, can we eliminate TikTok? It only brings out the stupidity of our country.

A good solution:

Not a new problem, only a continuing one. Maybe all these so-called ¨Social Justice Warriors¨ should go live in a third-world country that has real problems, maybe it would humble them? Nah.. that's too optimistic of me.

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