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Biden jokes about ice cream before speaking about the school shooting in Nashville; when is it enough? Opinion

Sara B

President Joe Biden continues to mock his position as president of the US and now makes jokes before addressing the press on the Nashville shooting yesterday. He begins by stating that he only showed up because he heard they had ice cream.

The incident yesterday was not the time or place for our president to show up making jokes; maybe he thinks we should be applauding him that he showed up, unlike the East Palestine incident that happened on February 3, 2023.

My question is, when is enough?

While he makes a mockery out of the US, which includes when he interviewed Dylan Mulvaney. That did not need to happen; we need a president who takes the safety of his people seriously, not someone who caters to the mentally ill. He is possibly making a joke out of the incident in Nashville because it does not fit the narrative they want us to all believe.

Our president could not pass a cognitive exam to run a country, so why is he still there? A distraction, giving us someone to use as a puppet as the real work happens in secret, which I think by now most of us have caught on; it is all a game.

The veil of lies slowly exposes itself as the US government sends billions of dollars overseas instead of putting metal detectors in schools and locking the doors. Why can't we make the schools as secure as we did our airports after one shoe bombing?

I am sure we could have protected our children with the money we sent overseas. Why not? Oh yes, it does not fit the narrative of getting rid of the second amendment; they want to take away the weapons because they say guns kill people; well, how about we work on the growing mental illness in this country?

Those walking around claiming they identify as a cat or cat self, I am sorry I will not stoop to the level of delusion and will not support mental illness. School shootings are not new, unfortunately. The government wants to ignore the real problem, almost all of the mental health facilities closed down years ago, and instead, they let us have TikTok, where everyone can be a star and demand respect for mental illness.

We went from putting women in asylums for postpartum depression to allowing grown adults to make a living on an app wearing a diaper, saying they are five years old when they are 40. It is a mental illness, just like those who shoot up schools and kill innocent children; when will we address the real issues, mental illness?

How does this relates to our president; he is a joke, and making a joke at the expense of children makes me sick. Furthermore, the fact that he is running for re-election makes me sick.

Put money into protecting the children going to school to get an education, put metal detectors on the doors like the airport, and ban TikTok. Starting with the basics would do much more, and do not vote for the clown in office. Keep your eyes open as they are doing something behind our backs every time there is a distraction.

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