A TikTok ¨time traveler¨ claims aliens will invade earth on Thursday, March 23.

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A tik toker named @radianttimetraveler, Eno Alaric, claims he is a time traveler and has decided to come out on TikTok. He claims that the human race is in danger, and he shared this information on December 30, as tomorrow appears to be Alien Invasion day.

Eno claims he is a time traveler from the year 2671 and is here to warn us about how the world will end. However, none of his predictions have come to fruition, so maybe tomorrow will be the first? As well as there are discrepancies in what time he is from; one video states 2671, and the other states 2714, so which is it?

Radianttimetraveler, Eno has over 350K followers, with over 1.6 million likes, so his message is getting out.

Note the discrepancy.

Eno states:

"A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth, we will not win. Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us. On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet,"

If the warning did not scare you, the thought of going to another planet, or for some, maybe a blessing, ok, none of us are scared, yet why have all these so-called ¨time travelers¨ suddenly popped up? Is it for the popularity of TikTok?

My guess would be yes; however, let's look at some other of Eno's predictions, so we can keep track, throughout the year, of his inaccurate predictions, as my seven-year-old niece just told me time travel isn't real.

Other predictions are the following:

April 20, a 17-mile-wide tornado will go straight through Tulsa, Ok, and destroy almost the entire city.
May 15: Megatsunami, a 750ft megatsunami, destroys much of the US West Coast, mainly San Fransisco.

Will it destroy one city or much of the west coast? I need some clarification.

June 12, A magnitude 9.5 earthquake, known as the ¨big one, ¨ opened a 5-mile deep trench, releasing many species considered extinct.

September 4: Category 6 Hurricane. The first ever category 6 hurricane, Hurricane Ophelia, will hit Florida and run across the whole US East Coast.
December 19: The first electric hail. A new kind of storm forms due to lighting mixing with hail, causing hail to fall and will shock anything it touches.

He goes on to state that in his time, 2023 is the worst year in history in terms of natural disasters. Yet I am confused since we will all die of an alien attack tomorrow, of course, except those lucky 8,000 who hopefully escape the doom and gloom of this man's TikTok account.

So we survived the alien invasion; thank goodness I was about to go to my bunker. And if you decide to watch his videos, he reminds you multiple times that he ¨is a real-time traveler¨, so don't question him, right?

Many of his past predictions have also not come true, leaving me to believe he is not a real-time traveler; I will anxiously await to be proven wrong. Unless a portal to 25,000 BC opened up on February 14 and we all missed it?

Maybe he has missed that we have had many UFO sightings in the past years, and why did they not destroy us when they had the chance? South Dakota alone has had 272 UFO sightings, and the Pentagon admitted to close to 400 reports from military personnel that are possible UFO encounters. According to a 2021 report:

"We've seen an increasing number of unauthorized and or unidentified aircraft or objects and military control training areas and training ranges and other designated airspace," Bray said. "Reports of sightings are frequent and continuous."

So the threat of aliens has existed, and over 57% of people believe they are authentic, including former presidents Carter and Reagan, who have claimed to see a UFO.

So lovely, try @radianttimetraveler, Eno; most of us will not believe your claim that you are a time traveler and just another TikToker looking for their five minutes of fame.

What do you think?

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