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Atlanta Nurses fired over TikTok Ick Trend after mocking their patients.

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There is a trend on TikTok that is called ¨The Ick¨. It appears that anyone and everyone who has something they do not like, take it straight to TikTok and air their dirty laundry, and yours too. For the past few years, I have watched nurses go ¨Viral¨ on these trends; sometimes, they are funny, but this group of nurses took it too far.

First, for using TikTok at work; second, for patient privacy; and third, it makes you and the profession look bad. So what did these four nurses do to get fired, a few labor and delivery nurses sharing their ick; mind you, they get paid to take care of people after they just gave birth, and when you work in a hospital, everyone is slightly stressed out patients, and nurses, maybe have some grace.

Quotes from labor and delivery nurses:

If you ask your nurse ¨can I take a shower and eat?¨
¨When you ask how much the baby weighs when it's still in your hands¨.

As a nurse, we know this can be annoying when you ask questions before something is done, but also it is part of your job to deal with people; it comes with the territory. It is inappropriate to take this online when the nurse should be someone you can trust, especially at such a special moment in your life. It does not belong on TikTok.

¨when the nurse tells you to hit the call light, and you do, but hit it every five minutes because you forgot the first time¨

Yes, this happens all the time; we all understand it can be frustrating; however, please learn to delegate, as it also comes with the territory.

¨when you go room to room with one baby mama to another baby mama¨.

Seriously, that is your job.

@nina_mat14 the nurses that got fired for doing a TikTok😂#nurse #fired #ick #laboranddelivery #trending #viral ♬ She Knows - J. Cole

The nurses who made the video worked at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The video went viral, which brought attention to the nurses and their management. The worst part is that the patients saw the videos and responded publically; I guess they are the reason the nurses got fired, and one patient suffered the loss of her child.

After the viral video, even more, patients came forward with horrible labor experiences at Emory University Hospital and remembered these nurses. Stated they did not take their complaints seriously and had to ask multiple times for other nurses to assist; when she felt the baby coming, the nurse said:

¨you are not in labor; I know my job¨ the patient went on to state, ¨I was in labor and delivered shortly after.¨

One commenter went on to state:

¨Had my child there. They coerced me into a c-section and completely disregarded me when I discussed my pain with them the entire time I went into labor and after delivery/recovery. I was only allowed 800 ibuprofen after a c-section, and my baby died in the care of Emory nurses in the end.¨

Emory took action and fired all four of the nurses who appeared in the video and made a statement to the public, acknowledging the video contained disrespectful and unprofessional comments regarding maternity patients.
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I am glad the nurses were let go and hope it sets a precedent that TikTok does not belong at work, especially in the hospital. Can we ban it yet?

*For entertainment only, information taken from TikTok online videos as my source*

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