The legend of the Hachishakusama, Japan's version of the slender man.

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Hachishakusama is an urban legend told around the campfire, especially during Halloween, yet is it a tale to make children behave, or is it real? What better time to scare children than before they dress up and ask strangers for candy? Possibly a way to keep children from running off unsupervised.

The legend of Hachishakusama will have you shaking right in your boots; however, it is said to have originated right here, online in the 2chan message board, and said to be a ¨creepypasta¨. Hachishakusama is the spirit of a woman dressed in a white dress, 8 feet tall, and abducts children in Japan.

In the legend, only the children who are her target can see her and hear her saying the sound ¨po¨ repeatedly. Once the victim is targeted, it is said they disappear shortly after. Some say that you cannot escape your fate once you are targeted unless you leave Japan, as she is not an international spirit.

However, she will try to trick you into returning to Japan, so as you may think you are safe if you leave, you are never safe from her clutches and your eventual fate. Some say that if you have seen her, you have to put four bowls of salt in each corner of your room, and when you wake up if the salt has turned black, she has tried to pass.

At this point, you must leave Japan to save your life. Either way, you must go if you have seen her, or your fate is sealed. It is said that she was once a tall girl, who the kids made fun of, and one day while the bullies were chasing her, she fell and hit her head; before she died, she vowed to get revenge on the children, especially the bullies, and then she died.

So does she haunt all children or only those who are bullies? I guess we will never know. As with all urban legends, this too has a creepy story that makes you wonder, is it true or a ¨creepypasta¨?

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