Bill Cooper, one of the original conspiracy theorists, predicted the rise of school shootings, 9/11, and his death.

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Milton William ¨Bill¨ Cooper was an American conspiracy theorist, radio host, and author of Behold a Pale horse, written in 1991. Bill Cooper is the ¨grandaddy¨ of American Conspiracy Theorists questioning the unknown, searching for answers at any cost, even when many thought he was insane.

He refused to believe what he was being told. A conspiracy theorist is an explanation for an event or situation that asserts the existence of a secret plan by powerful and sinister groups, often political in motivation. It sounds to me that if you do not follow the narrative blindly, you, too, could be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist.

Like many others, Bill would fit into this category for questioning why and how things happen. He was so passionate about his search for answers that he started the radio program ¨The Hour of Time, ¨ broadcast from 1992-2001.

On his show, Cooper encouraged free thinking stating:

"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing until you, yourself, can prove it with your own research,"

Cooper began speaking about UFOs and aliens in 1988 on the Bulletin Board System in the original chat rooms when computers were in their infancy. In his post, he talked about his time in the Navy and reported seeing a metal craft ¨larger than a football field¨ that repeatedly entered and exited the water.

He was instructed by his superior never to speak of the incident again. However, what got Bill into the story of alien conspiracy and secret governmental forces was when John Olsen Lear, another early user of the bulletin board system, contacted him.

Lear's post was titled ¨The UFO Coverup¨. The two became close between the years 1988 to 1990; it is said Lear heavily influenced Cooper, and they released in 1989 an ïndictment¨against the US government for "aiding and abetting and concealing this Alien Nation which exists in our borders¨. Eventually, their relationship ends because Cooper accuses Lear of being a CIA plant.

After the relationship ended, Cooper published Behold a Pale Horse in 1991 and started his broadcast in 1992, giving lectures and sharing what he knew. But did he know too much?

It appears there were attempts at silencing him. At one point, Cooper attempted to speak to a reporter to tell her what he knew about the government making contact with alien life; part of it was making a deal with aliens to turn a portion of earthlings into slave labor, and for this to work the public would have to accept a global government.

Unfortunately, he went too far this time. When riding his motorcycle near Oakland, Ca, when his motorcycle collided with a black limousine. He had to have his right leg amputated above the knee. Cooper reported in his book that two men visited him in the hospital and asked if he had learned his lesson; Cooper stated he would be ¨a good little boy, ¨ but it was a lie.

Cooper continued speaking and hosting his show. In his book, he said things that are happening now in the present and even some things that have already happened.

Cooper predicted the rise of school shootings before Columbine; in 1999, Cooper stated in his book that an increase in school shootings to justify stricter gun laws, believing the government would encourage the importation of firearms for criminals to reach their agenda.

"The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment."

Cooper also spoke about 9/11 and tied Osama Bin Laden to the incident.

"Whatever is going to happen, they're going to blame Osama Bin Laden, don't you even believe it? Another social illusion, social engineering project to change the minds and the attitudes and the beliefs of the people of the world and especially the united states, to bring about one world social totalitarian government. Can you believe what they were saying for a while, that Timothy Mcveigh, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the defense intelligence agency, can not find Osama Bin Laden in their wildest dreams, but Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols could? And recruit him to be their partner in blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building?¨

Not only did he predict early predictions, he indicated that extraterrestrials are secretly involved with the government. He stated that Eisenhower negotiated a treaty in 1954 that allegedly allowed aliens to abduct humans in exchange for technological assistance.

He also claimed Eisenhower established the inner circle of the Illuminati to manage relations with aliens and keep their presence a secret. Using the aliens to "manipulated and/or ruled the human race through various secret societies, religions, magic, witchcraft, and the occult," even if the Illuminati were unaware they were being manipulated—the ultimate goal New World Order.

It was when Cooper switched gears and dived more heavily into the government and control over the people that it got dangerous for him. He even started saying on his radio program, and said it many times:

'You'll see, they're going to come up here and shoot me dead on my front doorstep at midnight.'
"I believe that any man without principles that he is ready and willing to die for at any given moment is already dead and is of no use or consequence whatsoever,"

Cooper was on the FBI's radar, and in June of 1998, he and his wife were indicted on three counts of attempted tax evasion, and when a U.S. Marshal tried to serve Cooper, he chased him off his property.

At this point, he felt he was under siege by the government, and the tax evasion was a way to get to him, and the FBI then began to monitor him more closely. He essentially was under house arrest, afraid he would be arrested if he left his property. However, according to the FBI records, they would wait and when the time was ready they suspected the US Marshal would be the one to arrest him, and they were not sitting outside his house waiting for him.

Eventually, his wife left him and took his children to California. She provided the FBI documents on Bill, and the government dropped the case against her in 2000. After that, he became more paranoid, often chasing those away on his street or outside of his house. Finally, in 2001 Cooper emailed a friend predicting government agents would come for him and stated:

"I will defend myself when they come and try to kill as many as I can before they kill me," "You can all count on me to set an example for future confrontations with tyranny."

Scott Hamblin accidentally went up the road to Cooper's house, to see the view, when he realized where he was, he and his family drove away, but not before Cooper saw them and followed them.

Cooper accused Hamblin of surveilling him and threatened him with a gun; Hamblin called the cops once he was away from Cooper. The Eager police did not want to take action so Hamblin called friends who worked for the Apache County Sheriff's office and they planned an investigation, warranting an arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault.

In November 2001, the plan went into action of how to draw Cooper out, and the incident happened around midnight; Cooper opened fire on the officers after a chase. Then, deputy Joseph Goldsmith shot Cooper nine times, killing him. So as predicted by Cooper, he was dead a little after midnight.

Cooper's book continues to be read today by many; Behold a Pale Horse can be purchased on amazon, or read the free PDF here, which I found online. RIP Milton William ¨Bill¨ Cooper.

Before reading this book I advise you to play at least two complete games of chess. You must learn the rules THEY play by. You must realize objectively that some pieces are more valuable than others and that the king is the most valuable of all. You cannot learn reality if you get caught up in the fantasy that "if s not fair." You must come to know that the ultimate outcome of the game is the only thing that counts. You were lied to when you were told that "it does not matter whether you win or lose, if s how you play the game." Winning in the world of the elite is everything. Indeed, it is the only thing. The power elite intend to win.

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