The dark side of Saint Mother Teresa, whose charity had millions in the bank, yet many in her hospitals suffered-opinion

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Most of us have heard about Mother Teresa, we have seen her quotes, and maybe even thought, wow, what a saint. She was a Saint; on September 4, 2016, she became Saint Mother Teresa. Yet was it a title that she deserved?

Did she do as much good as most of us have once thought? I grew up in the 80s, before social media, and we were taught to question things and use our critical thinking skills, which now appear to have gone out with the trash. Yet, I have learned everything that shines is not gold, especially when connected to religion, money, and receiving donations.

Mother Teresa received the status of Saint after her death, and Pope John Paul II acknowledged two miracles she performed. The Pope claimed she cured a woman of tumors with her healing powers; unfortunately, the doctor who helped this woman stated it was medicine.

If you only read and follow mainstream media, yes, they will still declare Mother Teresa a saint, and even the idea that she did any harm may have some of you already cursing me, and me writing this, it is a risk I will take, but also I hope it makes you think.

The first journalist to call out the fraudulent behavior was Christopher Hitchens, calling Mother Teresa ¨a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.¨

So what led to him saying this? What appeared to get under his skin was in her Nobel Prize acceptance speech, she described abortion as ¨the greatest destroyer of peace¨, and he stated:

Her position was ultra-reactionary and fundamentalist, even in orthodox Catholic terms.

Mother Teresa advocated for the poor; she founded the order, The Missionaries of Charity to help abandoned babies and the poor. She set up charitable foundations and even hospitals to treat the poor. She even opened a hospice to allow the poor to die with dignity.

"A beautiful death," Mother Teresa said, "is for people who lived like animals to die like angels—loved and wanted.

Mother Teresa even had a mission to convert as many people as she could to Catholicism, building churches and setting up donations to fund this and charity; who doesn't want to donate to a good cause? Except as this a good cause? It appears as if she had an ulterior motive.

Many will argue that she had hospitals and orphanages set up to help the poor, but this is where the story gets even darker; those who have visited her facilities began to speak up.

Many of those in the facilities were getting sicker, and the conditions were not much better than being left outside on the streets. Some refer to the facilities were resembling concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Stating:

"Workers washed needles under tap water and then reused them. Medicine and other vital items were stored for months on end, expiring and still applied sporadically to patients," A volunteer at Missionaries of Charity, Hemley Gonzalez.

He also stated:

"Volunteers with little or no training carried out dangerous work on patients with highly contagious cases of tuberculosis and other life-threatening illnesses. The individuals who operated the charity refused to accept and implement medical equipment and machinery that would have safely automated processes and saved lives."

It was also noted that the patients in her facilities did not receive proper medical care, so why not? Her charity had plenty of money. She stated that:

Only needed to feel wanted and die at peace with God — not receive proper medical care

However, when Mother Teresa got sick, she did not go to one of her hospitals; she was treated in the United States of America.

Mother Teresa also had a bank account set up at the Vatican, and her net worth exceeded $100 million under her charity's name. That sounds like it could afford to hire a proper doctor at her hospitals, provide medical care and feed many people.

So what happened to the money she had in her charities? As donations continue, people need to find out where the money goes.

**As I have linked sources throughout this article, my opinion has influenced this article as well.

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