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Madonna Instagram

Madonna has taken the internet by storm, yet again, in what many deem as an ¨unflattering¨ video. Madonna posted a video on her Instagram account of licking water from a dog bowl.

A few people did not appreciate her, art stating:

¨embarrasing doesn't even begin to describe this...ugh¨
¨ What's wrong with you¨
¨some sort of mid-life crisis¨

You get the point; it did not go over very well. Is Madonna trying to hold on to any sense of relevance, or is there something much deeper going on?

However, this is not her only questionable photo others are other ¨tricks¨one is of her pretending to ¨play dead¨. Not only has Madonna taken to Instagram, but she has also been posting interesting videos on Tik Tok.

Many others expressed their concern for the aging pop star. Is this what happens when you refuse to let go of the past, or is it just Madonna? She has always been eccentric, which is how she took the world by storm.

Her career started in the 80s when she had a ¨social, cultural impact on the world ¨ through her attitude, clothing, and lifestyle; not much has changed for Madonna, except she is an aging pop star. In today's world, we are still talking about her clothes, lifestyle, and attitude.

So is it because now she is older, and it appears she is grasping at straws to stay relevant? Is it because TikTok is reserved for the younger generation, and Instagram is only for perfectly curated posts?

Madonna has always done things her way, and why change now? What do you think of Madonna's strange behavior? Has she always been this way, but now we have more eyeballs everywhere because of social media, or do you think it goes much deeper?

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