Moonwalkers allow you to walk at a pace of a run

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Do you love walking but feel that sometimes it can take forever? A new Kickstarter has a solution for you; a mobility device known as Moonwalkers is now on pre-order.

Moonwalkers started when creator Xunjie Zhang almost got hit by a car while riding a scooter to work; it made him realize that riding a scooter is much too dangerous. Why did he not walk instead when he only lived 2 miles from work? A much safer option.

He decided to enhance walking since a scooter was much faster; he knew there had to be a way to make walking more efficient. Xunjie chose to put a team together and create an electric vehicle that you could walk at the speed of running; five years later, we have Moonwalkers.

The first electrical shoe that will allow one to walk at the pace of a run. So isn't this just a rollerblade, a rollerskate, or maybe those shoes with wheelies that kids use? That is precisely what I thought when I read about Moonwalkers.

However, they are much more than that. It is not skating at all. Moonwalker shoes have the following to ensure safety.

  • An ergonomic hinge system allows your foot to bend naturally
  • It uses AI technology to learn your algorithm and adapt to your walking and gait
  • Free will, not freewheel. Two modes, lock and shift, allow you to walk upstairs and stop as if you are walking.
  • 250% increase in your walking speed.
  • Allow walking up and down hills, including uneven terrain.

The shoes do not use a remote and are controlled by simple gestures of your feet, making them accessible and intuitive. However, since they are AI technology, Moonwalkers need to be charged, and when fully charged, they give you the ability to walk over 6 miles.

Since the shoes are still on pre-order, I have yet to be able to try them out. Also, they come with a heavy price tag, starting at $799 as a pre-order sale and going up to $1299; all these prices are with the presale discount; without the deal, it appears they will all be $1399.

I am 100% sure that I would not spend that much on a ¨shoe¨ to make me seem like I am running when I could run or continue walking at an average pace.

As walking is a great way to destress, why do we all need to be in a hurry these days? I wonder why Xunjie Zhang didn't leave his apartment 20 minutes earlier to walk the two miles like the rest of us, enjoy the walk to work and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee along the way.

Would you try out Moonwalkers?

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