The Legend of La Patasola

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Have you ever thought about cheating on your spouse? The Legend of La Patasola will make you think twice.

La Patasola is the legend of the one-legged woman originating in Colombia's Andean region; she lives deep in the jungle along Colombia's Pacific coast and the north of Ecuador. She is known as "La Patasola" because she walks with only one foot. Some refer to her as the protector of the Andes and full of vengeance.

She preys on the males who wander into the jungle. If her victim is not alone, she will use her seductress tactics to get him alone; often, it is a scream or a cry for help. She is said to be a tall, pale, beautiful woman with long matted black hair and big eyes. She will be found alone in the woods. If you get close enough, you will notice she will be standing on one leg.

So how did she become La Patasola, stalking the night looking for victims?

Some say that La Patasola is her soul representing the pain of a woman who lost her children due to her actions. She was once a beautiful woman married to a peasant farmer; they had three children. Some say she was too beautiful to be with a peasant and deserved more. So she was known to indulge in her desires.

One day her husband came home early from work and found her with another man; in a fit of rage and jealousy, he murdered her lover. She attempted to run away but was not fast enough; he caught her leg and cut it off.

He left her lying with her leg cut off, and she bled to death. The husband then set fire to the house where they once lived and took the three children far away. Some say La Patasola is her soul wandering in pain, looking for her children.

La Patasola also enjoys seducing unfaithful men. She transforms into the beautiful woman she was, waits for a man to be alone, and catches his attention. Some say she is a vampire or a succubus, and once she is alone with the man, she turns into the horrible, vile creature she is and devours her prey alive.

Some say that when she is happy she will sing the following song:

“I’m more than the siren,

I live alone in the world

and no one can resist me

because I am the Patasola.

On the road, at home,

on the mountain and the river,

in the air and in the clouds

all that exists is mine.”

Maybe it is an old wives tale that husbands tell their wives to keep them faithful; as with most legends, there is always an underlying fear factor.

References are linked throughout the story, as well as the bulk of the story from my Colombian boyfriend who grew up hearing this story as it has been passed down through his family.

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