The Loch Ness Monster, Nessie

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A large creature is rumored to inhabit Loch Ness, Scotland. Loch Ness is the largest body of water in the UK, found southwest of Inverness.

Some believe that Nessie exists, and some believe she is a myth. According to Britannica, Nessie has been reported since ancient times, with early stone carvings and early writings from St. Columba (an Irish missionary) dating back to 565 AD.

It is rumored that Nessie bit a swimmer and was prepared to attack another, and Columba told the monster to ¨go back¨. The other part of the rumor is that St. Columba warded the beast away with his cross.

The mystery surrounding the ancient legend was once Scottish folklore; however, since the 20th century, its popularity and curiosity have grown. Since reports of seeing the monster began to emerge.

In 1933, there were reported sightings of the Loch Ness monster.

A report came in that people saw an enormous animal, saying it was a ¨dragon or prehistoric monster¨ it even walked in front of their cars, only to disappear into the lake. Possibly a sea serpent.

Hugh Grey took the first reported photo of Nessie in November 1933, except the image was inconclusive. The second photo was of Nessie with a long neck, resembling the head of a brachiosaurus. Unfortunately, this photo was reported as a hoax.

According to Britannica.

In 1933 the Daily Mail hired Marmaduke Wetherell to locate the ¨sea Serpant¨. He found large footprints that he believed belonged to a ¨very powerful soft-footed animal about 20 feet long¨.

Later debunked by the Natural History Museum stated the tracks were identical to an umbrella stand or an ashtray.

Over the years, there have been many other sightings, yet all being deemed a hoax. In 2018 researchers conducted a DNA survey of Loch Ness and found no signs of a plesiosaur or other large animals, except eels. According to Live Science.

People travel from all over the world hoping to get a peek at this famous beast.

Rumors continue to exist as well as exploration adventures to see the infamous Loch Ness monster, Nessie.

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