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Sara B
Sara B

Gary Chapman initially published The Five Love Languages in 1992. He points out that knowing your partner's love language can help to strengthen a relationship.

Chapman, in his book, demonstrates how we can give and receive love, letting both partners feel loved and appreciated. We all have a primary way of receiving and giving love. Unfortunately, many of us love the way we want to receive it instead of figuring out what our partner needs and learning their love language.

So is it as easy as Chapman describes in his book?

So what are the 5 Love languages?

Words of Affirmation express needs and wants through language, letting your partner know you appreciate them. It can be as simple as giving a compliment, leaving them a note in their lunch, or maybe a text message letting them know how much you care for them.

Quality Time, this is someone who wants your 100% undivided attention when they are with you. To show this person you are committed to them, turn off your phone and stay focused and present when you are with them. It will show them that you honor and value the time you spend together.

Physical Touch can be as simple as holding hands, hugging, or being close to one another the entire time you are with your partner. They will be the ones who like to cuddle when you are watching TV or enjoy getting a massage.

Acts of Service, this is someone who enjoys when you help out around the house, maybe cook dinner or run to the store for them. They will be someone who will want to do things for you but, in turn, will appreciate when you tell them to relax and you do the dishes. This person is often always doing something for you or your friends. As most of us do for others, the things we want.

Receiving Gifts, this person will enjoy anything you have thought into giving. It can be as simple as picking a flower that you know they love or giving something you made just for them. These people do not only want the gift but the thought that you have placed into the gift, big or small; they appreciate the idea behind it.

When you take time to understand and know your partner, you can develop a deeper and more connected relationship, leading to long-lasting love.

Isn't that what we all want?

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