Jericó, Colombia, A City In The Mountains Of Colombia

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A pueblito in Antioquia
Jerico, ColombiaSara B

We live in the department of Antioquia. With the capital being the most popular city, Medellin. The hub of digital nomads as well as local entrepreneurs revitalizing the city.

Colombia has been a hotspot of tourism for quite some years, and with the hit series Narco’s has brought some excellent tourism and some not-so-good tourism.

If you come to Colombia with the right intentions, you will have a fantastic time, yet do not leave your common sense at home. It is needed here!
Botanical GardenSara B

While most tourists like to stay in popular destinations such as Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, or maybe they venture to Guatape or Salento. If you are researching Colombia, these destinations will pop up.

However, I recommend you see a few that might be on the list, but not as popular, and usually a bit more of a trek to get to, but worth it.

So I looked up and found Jerico on the map. Not too far, but everything here is far when you have to take a bus on a twisty curvy road up and down a mountain. Plus, we live in a rural town as well.

So we went from one rural town to another. Except for the one we went to is a bit more touristy than ours.

Yet I see why — the town was colorful and full of life.
Streets in JericoSara B

The people in Jerico are known as Jericoans. It made me laugh a little bit, but the name was everywhere, and even a waitress told us, yes, that is our nickname.

It is famous for cardamom and the birthplace of Colombia’s first saint, Sister — Saint Laura Montoya, born here in 1874. There are 17 churches in Jerico, with only 8K residents!
The Pink ChurchSara B

It is also the “wet” or rainy season. We only went for the weekend, and we had a limited time to explore; needless to say, we ate a lot, and I drank a lot of coffee while we sat inside watching the rain.
Local Coffee ShopSara B

We were able to explore the botanical gardens and hike up to have a fantastic view of the city from Christ the Redeemer’s viewpoint. We also wandered the streets of Jerico.
Botanical GardensSara B

I often think that I am the worst tourist because I want to eat, sit in coffee shops, wander the streets. I had a dream of being a travel blogger at one point, but then realized I had to hit all the “hot spots” in a town and analyze them; that sounds awful.
CakesSara B

I prefer to do one or two touristy things.

Then the rains came, so we sat in a coffee shop; I love people-watching.

There were people in town riding their horses around; anytime I heard the clip-clop of horses; it made my heart happy. Raised around horses my whole life, I have always had a special place for the giant beautiful creatures in my heart.
Sara B

It was a beautiful town and a nice getaway, but I missed the peacefulness of my mountain hideaway as I sit and listen to the bird's chirp, the sun shining on my garden, and my dog lying beside me.

I often wonder if my days of nomad-ing around the world are over. Maybe I am giving the world time to rebalance and re-calibrate.

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