How to determine if you will get a stimulus check from California

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As gas prices tip the scales over $6.00 a gallon, Gov. Newsom plans to roll out another stimulus check in California. It will be from the 17 billion dollar stimulus package that California has.

But the real question is, how much will you get, and how do you know if you qualify?

Single tax filers will receive:

$350 if you make less than 75K per year.

$250 if you make between 75k and $125k per year.

$200 if you make between 125k and 250K per year.

Joint tax filers will receive:

$700 if you make less than $150K per year.

$500 if you make between $150K and 250k per year.

$400 if you make between $ 250K and 500k per year.

Whether you file single or jointly and have at least one dependent, you will receive an additional $350

$250 or $200. It will depend on the above information.

Please expect to receive checks starting in late October; they will be directly deposited into your account or sent on a debit card. Similar to previous stimulus checks received.

The maximum payment that is possible is $1050.

I feel this is good news for the holidays, yet I can't help but wonder if giving stimulus checks is suitable for anyone. It is a significant bump up for holiday spending, but do we need to go out and buy so much stuff? Can we start thinking about starting a garden, reusing what we have at home, start a compost pile?

What we need is for more jobs to be available and pay that is higher so we can feed our families. Printing money is part of the problem; maybe work on correcting inflation and providing jobs for people.

Yet this is where we are at, as it seems.
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