What is Borojó?

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Yesterday my boyfriend was busy in the kitchen, and he was using the blender. Sometimes in the evenings, he will make us a frozen frappe coffee for a treat, and they are so delicious.

I assume he is making them; I am instantly sad because I gave up coffee and sugar — again this week.

So I was happy to see that he was making juice instead.

Except I had no idea from what; we were in desperate need of a grocery store run, but apparently, we had some borojó in the freezer.

So you are maybe wondering what this is, as was I.

First, what is it?

Borojó is a fruit that mainly contains fructose and glucose and protein, phosphorus and vitamin B and C, and calcium and iron — used to make jams, candies, and wine. It is also known as the juice of love and has aphrodisiac properties.

Where does it originate?

The plant originated in the Amazon and is found around Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama.

Some of the medicinal benefits are:

· Helps improve impotence in men

· Bronchial conditions

· Malnutrition

· Hypertension

· Cancer

· Natural energizer

We had it in a juice, and I had mine with water + borojó, he added sugar to his. It did contain quite a few seeds that I will be planting.

I know in the past, my boyfriend’s mother made it with milk, sugar, and borojó. I do not drink cow milk and do not eat sugar (at the moment).

So you might be wondering about taste. I can tell you the smell is terrible; the closest description would be a sour smell mixed with acidic that you think might be bad.

Yet the taste was good. It was sweet, sour, and a bit tangy; some described it as having a tamarindo taste. I do not eat tamarinds, so I can not confirm.

My initial reaction to the drink was that it’s too sour for me, and I see why everyone drinks it with sugar, plus the off-putting smell.

I had some saved in the refrigerator today and had the rest. The second time it was delicious. The smell didn’t bother me as much, nor did the sourness of the juice. I was left wanting more! Lucky for me, we have about three left in the freezer!

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Borojó, a hidden treasure

Hola Benjamin, can you give me that papaya on top, please? -Si. Do you need more? This one is awesome... -No... but…


So would you try it?

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