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Opinion: Texans should be outraged that child protective services is wasting funds to harass single mother of 4


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After the negligence of DFPS workers, a child missing for over two months while in their care, the filing a frivolous suit, and returning legal custody of a missing child, you'd think that DFPS would at least apologize to the family, or at a minimum, stop harassing them. Unfortunately, that was just a dream, says a Texas mother.

Houston, Texas- Child protective services (CPS) spent thousands of local and federal funds to investigate Jenifer Knighton more than a dozen times in less than a year.

According to her, at least 3 state workers falsified documentation, filed a frivolous suit in court against her with falsified information, and when she stood up against them, they nonsuited the case. Probably to avoid testifying to their lies under oath, she added.

Here's the catch: DFPS denied Knighton’s repeated requests for help, yet they continued showing up at her home with fraudulent investigations, questioning her children without permission, and they even sat across the street from her home to spy on her.

If that isn't creepy and the actual definition of harassment, then what is? This misconduct is unacceptable, and Texans should be mad. It has become DFPS culture to abuse, torture, harass, and retaliate against anyone that challenges their actions.

Despite being cleared of any abuse or neglect, DFPS continued to harass Knighton, all at the expense of our hard-earned tax dollars.

I called out an HPD investigator after he conspired with CPS program director Stacey Truss to falsify information alleging that my missing child had been found while my child was still missing, and endangered. Rest assured; I am not going to be silenced. In fact, I am going to speak louder because the public shouldn't be lied to. The constituents have a right to know what is going on behind closed doors, and our tax dollars shouldn't be used to harass and retaliate against innocent parents. - Jenifer Knighton

Knighton says that everything looks good on paper, even the department's lies.

Despite claims that are being made about the wonderful things that DFPS does, the reality is that they are not making positive changes, protecting children, or helping families. They are a multi-billion-dollar business with minimal positive results. F child protective services. It's time for the nation to wake up because our kids and their future depend on it. Children rely on us to stand up and speak out against the horrific injustices that they face at the hands of child protective services. Like my sister and mentor Nissi Hamilton says, if they do this to us, what are they doing to people that don’t have the resources we have? - Jenifer Knighton
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Very few good organizations want to do business with DFPS because of how shady they are. -anonymous

The amount of money that the Department spent building cases against Knighton could have very well gone towards getting help for a lot of children, including Knighton’s daughter. Instead of having the child in a hotel room and CPS office telling her that she was going to be sent to a foster home in Alaska while feeding her food every day from the 4 for 4 menus, they could have helped get her the proper care she needed.

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